Study: Average Android gamer plays 37 minutes per day


How much time per day do you spend playing games on your Android device? If you live in the US, you might say just shy of an hour. In Germany or Russia it might be somewhere between 40 and 50 minutes. In the UK, you are playing just a little over a half hour’s worth of mobile games per day. Italians, though, spend about 38 minutes per day gaming on their phone. That figure isn’t far off from the global average of 37 minutes, as determined by mobile app analytics firm Flurry.



Flurry based their calculations on data collected from 60,000 Android smartphones and tablets, determining that US gamers spend by far the most time playing on their mobile devices. Surprisingly, both South Korea and China, locales known for their large communities of gamers, came in below the global average.

Crunching further data, Flurry shed some light on the types of games we like to play on our Androids, finding that Arcade/Action and Casual titles held the most appeal. Sports games and cards/casino titles tended to rank the lowest on a regional basis.

The full report features several more interesting insights, further breaking down our regional gaming preferences. There is little doubt that gaming is a huge area of interest for mobile users and developers alike, and Flurry’s data seems only to back up that notion.

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  1. I play 0. As in zero. As in none, nada, zilch, zip. I am an adult male, I don’t play video games on the phone (or any device for that matter). In 37 minutes, I can race a 10k (35 to be more exacting). THAT is time better spent.

    1. i dont really play mobile games either, but that’s a silly assessment you just made. Plenty of adults have careers built around video games, it is also a form of recreational relaxation. Do you never watch any TV or any Movies or read anything online that isnt world news related? What’s the difference between someone playing a game for 30 minutes and you browsing the internet for 30 minutes.

      Also, not every one can run a race during their commute to and from work.

      1. Dude.. come on.. it was just me poking fun at gamers.

        1. i don’t have a good sarcasm sensor on the internet

          1. Dialogue in text is lousy. Lol

    2. I didn’t know you were better than me.

      1. Statistically speaking, there is a chance of it.

    3. I didn’t know adults weren’t allowed to have fun and enjoy themselves?

      1. Adult gamers are 1 foot away from Cosplay. Scary.

    4. Obvious troll is obvious.

      1. Bingo… the 1 guy who got it.

    5. Where did u come from?…your are seriously a Negative Nancy around these parts lately.

      1. Look who is talking. People need to lighten up. Look how many people got freaked out because I poked some fun at adult gamers.. pretty telling and odd. My tongue in cheek post got more responses then many actual stories. And that is pretty sad.

        Lots of irritated adult gamers out there :)

        1. I don’t think it’s a commentary on adult gamers… I think if you go to any site and diss the main demographic of that site you will negative comments.

  2. Wow, I can beat that time just on Simpsons Tapped Out, that’s before playing proper games.

  3. I game for about an hour each day…spread out though not all at once..all though when dead trigger came out..I was literally gaming for 3 hours easily.. I’m seriously considering the Nvidia tablet this Christmas for my android gaming needs…

  4. I wish I had 30 minutes to play games. Freakin’ college homework…

    1. Enjoy college while you can. It only gets worse… Except for making money.

      1. From what I’ve heard, as an engineer it gets better after college. I can’t possibly enjoy working almost 24/7.

        1. I’m an ME, graduated 10 years ago and it gets better in some ways. The first few years in entry level positions are pretty chill. Later on you have more responsibility=more stress, especially if you work in a startup environment with unusually challenging hurdles and lack of resources to spread the work around. Anyway, I was more talking about finding time to play video games. You’ll enjoy yourself after college, don’t worry.

  5. Not even going to ask about Japan since they are apparently mobile playing fiends over there. I do 0 mobile gaming but I do about 30-45 mins of emulation a day give or take. It’s mainly a few yu-gi-oh! battles every now and then.

  6. I get at least one hour per day.

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