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Samsung is hoping real life imitates art today as they attempt to win over customers with a plot line that you might expect from one of their commercials. Picture it now: a casually dressed young man walks by a line of desperate hipsters waiting in line for the new iPhone 6. He is greeted by a multicultural gathering of friends at a table at an outdoor cafe across the street. He pops out his Galaxy Tab, scoffs at the Apple faithful, and pre-orders the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Or something like that. While the impact of Samsung and its carrier partners’ decision to make the Note 4 available for purchase on iPhone launch day will be minimal — all things considered — if you want to live out your own fantasy Samsung commercial, you can head over to Verizon or AT&T now and reserve your very own.

Both carriers have the Note 4 in white and black finish options starting at $299.99 on a new two-year contract. Those wishing to go with an installment plan can get Samsung’s latest phablet for as low as $34.42 per month (18 -month plan via AT&T).

We’re assuming a large number of you likely didn’t go out and buy an iPhone 6 today, but will you be pre-ordering the Galaxy Note 4?

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  1. It’s the same as the previous 2 models. Nope.

    1. Note 3 had some great improvements over Note 2. Air Command and being able to use the S-Pen on the capacitive keys are two that come to mind.

      You can’t lump in Note 2 with Note 3/4.

    2. Not even close!

    3. Wacom digitiser screen sensitivity is DOUBLE of Note 3. Read and learn before spitting out crap on the net. I’m using a note 4 as my work phone right now.

  2. Verizon + Xperia Z3 = Please Happen!

  3. No 64 or 128GB models in a flagship product at flagship pricrs- Samsung shooting themselves in the foot! At one time others had no removable battery or card slot – things are different now and Samsung has real competition in the large smartphone marketplace. To make matters worse the Edge will not be available in many countries.

    1. Get a damn microsd card and stop whining…

      1. TBH, you’re right. I prefer to have at least 32GB of onboard for apps and games. Any more is nice, but not necessary. External storage can be used for media. If a phone lacks MicroSD card support, they need to have at least 64GB internal.

        1. That’s me here dude.

          On board memory: apps and games

          SD CardCard A: Camera, Music, documents.

          External SD Card B: HD movies

      2. 16GB just doesn’t cut it anymore especially with touchwiz you get like 8GB left LOL

        1. along with the fact that apps can’t be stored on your SD card.

          1. Samsung phones can install to SD card

          2. Not really. They can install a tiny portion of some apps, and Google’s latest stupidity prevents many programs from using SD cards for data storage.

        2. It does not come in 16gb. The base model is 32gb.
          I also wish they had 128gb option since you can’t install apps on the SD.
          My Note 3 is almost full with only apps installed – not a single picture or music or video file is stored on the internal memory.

      3. SD is much, much slower than internal memory.
        SD can’t be used to install most apps.
        SD frequently has random issues of unmounting and remounting and attendant weirdness, at least in the three Androids I’ve used.

        1. – not slow enough to have any impact on video & music playback or running apps.
          – unless you’re rooted, then you can install them on all there.
          – never had issues with my 64gb Sandisk card on my note 2 – using it over a year and a half.

    2. Its cheaper to add a SD card slot than it is to add memory. #profits

  4. I woundnt go anywhere near a place that carries phones today. You may get shived by one of the apple faithful thinking your there for an iPhone :) get yours online from the comfort of your own home lol.

  5. I’m still waiting to hear about the Sony Z3…

  6. The real question is… As Samsung continues to lose market share, will LG, HTC, Moto or Sony step up to take Samsung’ place?

    1. I’d love a world where they all have a close to even share, in order to keep competition at its highest.

    2. HTC and Moto are not that big companies, so no that’s not possible. HTC feels like forgotten at the moment in tech world, cuz they release one device a year.. or two

  7. When will the Edge be available? I’m interested in getting one.

  8. This Pre-Ordering system is destroying jobs. There are people whose only skill is to wait online to buy a phone, either for themselves or for hire. What are they going to do now?

    1. I heard waiting in line for someone to buy a phone outside is a lot of money. I should be a deliver guy for those people. Take orders and stuff. Hmm…

      I see a market.

  9. If I buy it will be the edge,if I can give up my nexus 5

  10. It’s too soon. I love my Note 3, it’s barely a year old, and has more power than I need as it is. What it lacks is a problem with the Note 4 too — sufficient battery life.

  11. I’m waiting for the edge

    1. Edge is cutting edge ;) interesting one for me too

  12. Already pre-ordered mine. Can’t wait to actually get my hands on it. My Note 3 was great except for the hurried battery life after the Jellybean update

    1. Which version of the Note 3 do/did you have? I had battery drain issues on my AT&T version whenever I wasn’t on WIFI and it turned out to be due to CarrierIQ. Since I rooted and disabled it, battery life has been great.

  13. Still pretty content with my note 3. Nothing super exciting about this one that justifies me getting it. Might jump ship from Samsung next time around

    1. Feels like a super phone, impressed by display review, never had samsung device before so thinking to try this super phone… Calling it super cuz of processor screen resolution, ram.. probably the best spec available, but for me best experience is Sense UI..

      1. I like the phones, the build quality and every aspect of the phone EXCEPT the UI.

        Samsung has become bloatware. I just replaced my Note 3 under warranty. Once I booted the phone I found even more crap in the phone that when I bought the phone.

        It took me about a day just to root and remove all the completely un necessary stuff.

        I removed nearly 3gb of apps. Samsung is turning into a combination of Norton and AOL. They infect the computer with so called useful apps, but it reality they force it on you in a way that almost cripples the phone when you remove this apps.

        I don’t want to root and Rom anymore. I’m passed those days. I just want a good, stock, stable phone

  14. Nope.. I’m going to be good with my G3 for a while, I think…. And I NEVER thought the day would come when I would say that about an LG device.

    1. LG has come a long ways!

  15. Yes instead of purchasing Galaxy Note 4, I would like to choose LG G3 with impressive features like 5.5 inch QHD screen, higher resolution and 3000mAh battery that once fully charged on wireless charging pad runs all day long with normal use.

    1. I’m sorry but note 4 is more capable than LG G3. also Note 4 have better display(yes not as great screen to size ration) quality, It have more powerful processor, GPU.. LG G3 just have 2K display which is not consider very great but yea that is first 2K display..

  16. Since Note 3, best smartphone of the year again.

    1. You mean Note 2

  17. Going from Note 2 here. I would’t trade it if i had a note 3. So my next note after Note 4 is Note 6. Got it? lol

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