Sep 19th, 2014

note 4 2

Samsung is hoping real life imitates art today as they attempt to win over customers with a plot line that you might expect from one of their commercials. Picture it now: a casually dressed young man walks by a line of desperate hipsters waiting in line for the new iPhone 6. He is greeted by a multicultural gathering of friends at a table at an outdoor cafe across the street. He pops out his Galaxy Tab, scoffs at the Apple faithful, and pre-orders the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Or something like that. While the impact of Samsung and its carrier partners’ decision to make the Note 4 available for purchase on iPhone launch day will be minimal — all things considered — if you want to live out your own fantasy Samsung commercial, you can head over to Verizon or AT&T now and reserve your very own.

Both carriers have the Note 4 in white and black finish options starting at $299.99 on a new two-year contract. Those wishing to go with an installment plan can get Samsung’s latest phablet for as low as $34.42 per month (18 -month plan via AT&T).

We’re assuming a large number of you likely didn’t go out and buy an iPhone 6 today, but will you be pre-ordering the Galaxy Note 4?

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