Sep 19th, 2014

Last week, we reported on an inventory mixup causing Motorola to delay shipments of the silver Moto 360 with grey watch band. I’m happy to report that Motorola seems to have fixed the problem: we’ve just received a shipment (ordered from and to our surprise… it contained a silver Moto 360 with grey band. Motorola previously announced that this color selection would be delayed.


It’s all a bit confusing though, as those who purchased from Motorola got an official e-mail with three options. They could:

  1. Send you a black watch and band instead (if you did nothing)
  2. Send you a silver watch and band if you called (it would be delayed)
  3. Allow you to cancel your order if you desired

I chose option #1 because I wanted it as quick as possible, but was delighted when the supposed “delayed” grey version arrived right on time. Did I get preferential treatment because I ordered two? Did they replenish inventory quicker than they thought possible? And what if I had actually wanted two black watches and bands (as their e-mail suggested I would be receiving based on my actions)?

You won’t find me complaining – color me happy – I got the best of both worlds and I’m guessing many of you did, too. Be sure to check out our Moto 360 Forums when yours arrives.


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