Confirmed: Silver Moto 360 shipments previously delayed are now arriving on time


Last week, we reported on an inventory mixup causing Motorola to delay shipments of the silver Moto 360 with grey watch band. I’m happy to report that Motorola seems to have fixed the problem: we’ve just received a shipment (ordered from Motorola.com) and to our surprise… it contained a silver Moto 360 with grey band. Motorola previously announced that this color selection would be delayed.


It’s all a bit confusing though, as those who purchased from Motorola got an official e-mail with three options. They could:

  1. Send you a black watch and band instead (if you did nothing)
  2. Send you a silver watch and band if you called (it would be delayed)
  3. Allow you to cancel your order if you desired

I chose option #1 because I wanted it as quick as possible, but was delighted when the supposed “delayed” grey version arrived right on time. Did I get preferential treatment because I ordered two? Did they replenish inventory quicker than they thought possible? And what if I had actually wanted two black watches and bands (as their e-mail suggested I would be receiving based on my actions)?

You won’t find me complaining – color me happy – I got the best of both worlds and I’m guessing many of you did, too. Be sure to check out our Moto 360 Forums when yours arrives.


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Rob Jackson
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  1. I ordered the silver one, but I actually don’t like the gray band… I plan to swap it out right away to a brown leather one… It’ll also look good with a black band. It just seems to more versatile one, style-wise.

  2. Rob, what’s up with you and Motorola? it seems that you only write or post on here is when you have a Motorola product. I remember you first reviewing the moto x.

    1. I also reviewed the Motorola Droid back in the day… probably my first really big review: https://phandroid.com/2009/11/03/motorola-droid-review/

      I don’t write as often these days, so maybe you just happen to spot the Motorola articles, but I did a ton of stuff for the Galaxy Note 3, recently did an Android Wear voice commands video, and always love digging through the USPTO.

      Any topics you’d particular like to see more of?

      1. honestly, yeah I would. I would like to see more sensible articles about the practicality of certain phones. like if you have a phone made of aluminum and what not, the acids from your hands over time would damage the phones.

        everyone is going ape over build quilty, but not the realistic practical use of these phones. a lot of android users like to call iPhone users isheeps or what have you, but in all honesty Apple has brainwashed them (android users) into believing that you have to have these “premium” materials in order to have a great phone.

        all this horse power put into these phones are kinda useless. tech journalist like to say that the difference between 1080p and a 2k display on a 5inch phone is negligible. hardly do you ever hear anything about the speed difference between certain chips are negligible. it seems all that we need is better power management, good gpu performance , and just greater efficiency throughout the android operating system.

        1. I still like to say, you drop a metal phone and it gets scuffed and gnarled. Its can have some sharp edges. Plastic, it either dents, cracks or shows no signs of damage. I’d rather have plastic since I’m sure its cheaper to replace. I’d put a case on any phone anyway.

  3. I originally favored the black model, but then noticed the dial was chrome/steel. I got the gray and immediately swapped the leather band with the stainless steel pebble steel watch band. Can be easily bought at Best Buy for $20 and looks amazing with the steel/gray 360.

    1. like so…

      1. Dat round face.

      2. I don’t like the Pebble Steel band, but most def want a silver metal band for mine.

  4. my silver/grey 360 from Play store was set to ship out 9/22, but keeping with my Play store experience, they beat that date. it’s label was printed 9/13, shipped 9/15, arrived 9/16. i have a nexus wireless charger on my work desk, so i don’t mind giving my wrist (not used to wearing a watch honestly) a break and it charges fast… so I’ve not had it below 55% at this point but using stock faces and extrapolating i’d get about 30 hours on a charge. battery life being my biggest concern due to popular discussion, i’m much less worried about it now.

    i originally wanted black. thought it looked better. but i *really* like the gray band and i may some day also get a silver metal band for it. i think the silver is more flexible for those choices.

    the curious part about the gray delay is that motorola’s sales site has had black out of stock for quite a while, yet gray has been available to order. makes me wonder if the ordering mixup caused moto to order lots more gray than they originally planned. it is written up as limited edition.

    1. The only thing I don’t like about the silver face is the black bar at the bottom of the circular watch face appears more prominent, whereas with the black face it better blends in. But silver is definitely growing on me.

      Motorola calls it grey but everyone keeps calling it silver so i’ve given up!

  5. Ordered the Black on the 16th and got it on today. Looks great and it has a nice feel. Finally, a smart watch that doesn’t look awkward if you go somewhere formal too.

  6. I ordered a sliver and grey one and it showed in stock at Moto.com on Wed. Then they delayed my shipment for 3 weeks when I supposed to get it on the 23rd. Eff you Moto.

    1. I had the same problem. Went to nowinStock and signed up for best buy alerts and got notified 3 hours later it was in Stock. Ordered it right away and got my shipping notice. 3-5 days was better than 3-5 weeks. Also looking at the alerts it replenishes every few hours.

      1. Yea I cancelled the order. I’ll wait for something else that isn’t Moto and for someone who likes money. Since Motorola clearly doesn’t like accepting money. Maybe Lenovo can change that.

  7. That packaging looks so cool. I shall soon have my own to open.

  8. I ordered the silver/gray one from Moto on launch day and it wasn’t supposed to ship until the 19th, but I ended up receiving it on the 12th. Definitely no delay there. I just put a metal band on it today!

    1. Hoping mine comes earlier than the current date of Oct. 7th..

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