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As soon as Samsung answered consumer demand by introducing a metal-clad smartphone, it seems the company is already on a path toward abandoning the build material. That’s what is being suggested by the newly-leaked Samsung SM-A500, anyway.

The SM-A500 is said to be the next model in Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha line and could launch as the Samsung Galaxy A5. Those familiar with the original Galaxy Alpha, which debuted last month, will recall that the phone featured an aluminum frame as part of the “evolution of Galaxy design.” Word is the Galaxy A5, however, will forego such materials in favor of ones the carry the premium feel of metal without the added production cost. Our hopes in that regard aren’t especially high.


The Galaxy A5 is being positioned as a mid-tier smartphone that would fall in line a notch or two below the original Alpha, which leaves some room for optimism. Samsung could again go with metal for future A-series devices targeting the higher end of the market. As for the A5, the rumored specs include:

  • 5-inch Super AMOLED display
  • Snapdragon 400 processing
  • 13MP camera (5MP front-facing)
  • 16GB storage (expandable via MicroSD)
  • 2,330mAh battery

As for how that faux-metal finish actually looks? From the pictures it’s hard to spot a difference between the A5 and the original Galaxy Alpha. The design will likely carry over to two additional Alpha models that are supposedly slated to follow the SM-A500 out of the gate. No details on when a launch will occur are known at this time.


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  1. Hello again ruby lips! …. “Google is watching”

  2. oh nooooooooo! danm Samsung you were heading the right direction but i don’t know now.

  3. It will…never stop…lol

  4. Well that was short lived..

  5. It’s so boxy. It’s like the 80s station wagon of smartphones.

  6. Samsung can’t make these flagship specs because it will be like slapping itself in the face =P

  7. Last year’s iPhone 5S design. They have no confidence in their design abilities!

  8. Look at that protracted popping from back panel ugly camera square cover. I tell you, samsung needs to stop producing zillions different phones like kids being produced in some countries. With iphone 6 out, no need to look for a large screen phones from any one else.

  9. I honestly could care less. No matter what the phone is made of, I’m still gonna slap a case on top.

  10. Samsung are lost.

  11. Another boring galaxy phone.

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