LG G3 ad named largest ever by Guinness World Records



How do you highlight the big, vibrant display of the LG G3? How about with an equally big and vibrant billboard? That’s exactly what LG did with a new ad placed outside of Saudi Arabia’s King Khalid International Airport. But wait a minute, you say, why is a new billboard newsworthy?

Ask the folks at Guinness World Records. They officially named LG’s latest bit of G3 marketing the largest in the world. At close to 800 feet wide and 40 feet tall, the billboard has a total surface area of over 32,000 square feet.

It’s large size isn’t the only thing it has going for it, either. LG did not simply make a giant billboard because they could. It is positioned in a way that will make it instantly visible to the passengers of arriving and departing flights. It is estimated that around 20 million people travel through the King Khalid Airport each year, and it’s safe to assume this hard-to-miss billboard will be viewed by many of them. LG hopes the bold move could generate $25 million in additional revenue.

While the LG is using the spacious advertising real estate to showcase their G3 smartphone at present, the company plans to use the record-holding sign to push other products in their home electronics lines in the future.


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  1. *smooch* … “Google is watching”

    1. This made me giggle.

      1. 1) Read the article (or just the headline)
        2) Scroll down to the comments
        3) See the red lips again
        4) …. forgot what I was going to say…. again…. :)

        1. Just be glad you can’t see the rest of the face. It’s probably like the Comic Book Guy in The Simpsons. ;-)

        2. Who is everyone referring to?

          1. The “featured story” image icons above the comments section. Guess you don’t see it on mobile?

  2. They deserve this record. I have this device from last 1 month and like its 5.5 inch
    QHD screen, higher resolution, and 3000mAh battery that once fully charged on qi wireless charger, enable me to explore more apps and features without worry about battery status.

  3. Good for LG.

  4. How does this not blow over with a slight gust of wind?

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