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Have you been able to avoid the temptation of screaming “TAKE MY MONEY” while throwing your Android phone at the feet of Tim Cook and the Apple horde?  Then now might be a great time to pick up a new, slightly used Android device. Bloomberg reports that phone trade-in site Gazelle has experienced a rash of folks handing over their Android smartphones in exchange for cash that will presumably be used toward the purchase of a shiny new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (the phone launches tomorrow).

A quick search of Craigslist and eBay seems to confirm that there are indeed plenty of newish Android devices going up for sale at prices we likely would not have seen before folks were overcome with the desperation to buy the new iPhone. These include devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8, which are still some of the best Android handsets money can buy. Used trade-ins via services like Gazelle should trickle down to the secondary market in the coming weeks.

Swappa, a site that allows users to sell and buy used smartphones, has confirmed that they too have seen an uptick in folks selling their old phones in anticipation of Apple’s new releases, but in their case it is last year’s iPhone 5s that is dominating the resale market. At any rate, plenty of folks see the new, larger iPhone options as reason to upgrade.

And that’s great for Apple, but even better for Android fans looking for a great deal on a good-as-new smartphone (we’ve seen the Galaxy S5 listed in places for as low as $200, a price that was practically unheard of for a slightly used version of the phone just a few weeks ago). Let us know if you are seeing the same sort of deals on the second-hand market in your area.

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  1. Hmmmm imma look for a nexus 5 32GB….

    Is this a good deal? I think so right?

    1. That’s a pretty good deal, although I’d try to talk him down to $300.

      Noticed that with the iPhone 6 launching tomorrow, SO many people are trying to sell their phones on Craigslist for great prices. Saw a handful of Galaxy S5’s going for $250 — that’s INSANE.

      1. So I guess even Android users benefit from new iPhone launches..lol

        Yeah I texted about it but no reply yet..

      2. No kidding Chris. Some profit there for people with some extra $$ laying again. Maybe I should forward this post to Russell Holly.

        1. That was supposed to say “extra $$ laying around.”
          Auto correct

  2. Dat ancient dumbphone picture, though. So much better than the iPhone.

    1. Classic handfeel.

    2. … dude be serious, you can’t possibly be that much of a Apple hater and so immature that you made that comment. “sent from my HTC m7”

      1. I was trolling… Seriously…

  3. Another factor is that Verizon just bumped up the upgrade eligibility dates on a bunch of accounts. Which was fine with me, as I went out and picked up a shiny new G3 last night instead of waiting another month

  4. I’ve definitely been taking advantage of this. Couple weeks back I purchased a Verizon S5 for $200 and got one for $300 over a month ago. Both were in like new condition. I then sold both for a nice profit :)

    1. My thoughts exactly

  5. “Have you been able to avoid the temptation of screaming “TAKE MY MONEY” while throwing your Android phone at the feet of Tim Cook and the Apple horde?”
    What temptation?

    1. Yeah, same here. Generally, I tend to like Apple stuff, computers, laptops and iPods mostly, but have absolutely no interest in nor temptation for, an iPhone of any kind.

  6. I have been buying all my phone on eBay for the last 8 years, have a work payed contract so I never buy a new phone.

    1. I rarely buy new and almost always go with Craigslist but got scared off with all the bogus insurance claims and phones still being paid for.

      I heard the best way to buy them now is ask for some kind of receipt that the phone is paid off, and/or going into the store and verifying with a carrier rep.

      1. Yes it is,l ask the seller to meet me at Verizon to verify and transfer into my name, even worth throwing em extra dub

      2. Agreed. Typically, when I sell my phones through Craigslist, I provide all of the credentials except my personal information. My phones are always in top condition from hardware and software (I revert back to stock). I provide my cell numbers and one personal email address.

  7. Was skeptical of find fire sale phones on Craigslist as this article implies and I infact did not. Not a single smartphone on fire sale. Haven’t checked eBay though. I love my Note 2, but an M8 for $200-250 is tempting.

    1. My gf’s Note 2 is on its last leg. She’s currently in the market for an M8 and we found a bunch in our area going for super cheap. Now is the best time to buy :D

      1. Just be careful – there’s a direct correlation in decreasing used phone price and increasing scam probability.

        1. Agreed. Meet at the carrier store to verify the IMEI and other info so you won’t be caught in a sham.

    2. Yeah I actually bought a Verizon htc one m8 mint condition 3 days ago on Craigslist for $240, w clean esn number!! Wasn’t that into htc phones but a m8 for $240 ??ya c’mon!_! Lolz

  8. Anyone who is “desperate” to buy the iPhone 6 has my pity and I will pray for the recovery of their mental faculties.

    1. Actually, the phone isn’t that bad. It’s the mentally of the people who purchase the phone. At least some of them.

  9. How about all the new Android phones coming out having any impact? New GNote or Moto X (2014) anyone? Not that it matters…. I’ll be happy to take a nice new(er) shiny Android phone off someone’s hands on the cheap no matter if its so they can buy an iPhone or a crack rock.

    1. Say no to crack (and the iOS ecosystem).

  10. If someone wants to sell me their 2014 Moto X for $200…


  11. Just say no to the rotten fruit…

    1. Or say yes and sell your Android phone to me for super cheap. :P

  12. Another factor is that Verizon just bumped up the upgrade eligibility dates on a bunch of accounts.

  13. Bull hockey, there buying the note 4! Come on Man! Sheesh…

  14. Selling my GS3 for 200$ takers? (I want the Note 4)

  15. why would they assume it’s for a iPhone… the Moto X and Note 4 just came out too.. :/

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