From the Forums: Show us your Moto 360, Scottish independence, and more



Will you give up you Android device in favor of a new iPhone? Will Scotland vote for independence? How’s your Moto 360 style? All these questions and more answered in this week’s edition of From the Forums.

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Show us your Moto 360

Moto 360 DSC06981

It’s hard to argue that the Moto 360 is anything other than one damn good looking smartwatch. Even better, users can mix and match just about any regular watchband with a selection of digital watch faces to create a truly unique look. The Moto 360 fans at Android Forums have even started a thread dedicated to showing off their style. Those still waiting for a backordered 360 be warned: envy awaits.

Is the iPhone 6 Plus tempting Note 4 buyers?


Apple is anticipating plenty of Android owners will be keen to jump ship for their iPhone 6 Plus, but has the Galaxy Note contingent been swayed? With Galaxy Note 4 (not so coincidentally) available for pre-order today — the same day as Apple’s new iPhone launch — the question is even more pertinent.

External storage and Android L


Google has been known to change the way its Android OS manages external data stored on a MicroSD card, so its reasonable to wonder if things will once again change with the impending launch of Android L. Will Google loosen the access restrictions that irked off so many users in the upgrade to KitKat?

Scotland votes against independence


While folks all over line up for hours to fight over scarce iPhone stock, the real world keeps moving. While many will note today as the day Apple’s latest mobile device launched, the folks in Scotland will remember it as the day they voted against independence from the United Kingdom. Much talk led up the decision, which saw record turnout from voters. While it seemed the country was poised to separate, it will remain tied to its southern neighbor.

And more…

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