Is HTC creating a GoPro-like camera accessory for their smartphones?



It wasn’t but a few short days ago that HTC started sending tech media invites to a “double exposure” event. This theme had us thinking that the device would focus on a camera of some sort, though we weren’t sure if that meant a new phone with an improved camera or some sort of new feature they came up with that was too big not to make a lot of noise over.

We may have a bit of an early answer. According to Bloomberg, HTC is looking to introduce a rugged camera that would join the likes of GoPro — that is, a camera that can be used to record some element-heavy action such as off-roading or snorkeling. The device is said to have an ultra-wide 16 megapixel sensor, and has connectivity options of WiFi and Bluetooth.

Immediately coming to mind is a scenario where you go on a biking trip and record every bit of it with the camera. It then automatically spits video and images back to a phone such as, say, that HTC One M8 so you can create an awesome highlight in, say, Zoe.

It’s not the most off the wall prediction considering external camera attachments have been done before. Sony’s QX lineup is one such example. They use external DSLR-quality lenses that can attach to your smartphone and be used as if you had an actual mirror-less camera.

.Of course, this is all speculation based on a very early rumor so we can’t let our imagination get the best of us just yet. It shouldn’t be long before HTC clears everything up for themselves as the event is slated to take place October 8th. Let us know if you’d dig something like that should it come to pass.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. They need to create a camera accessory for the m8

  2. UltraPixel Technology on front of phone?

    1. That would be legit.

  3. only iPhone has the best current camera in any phone out there right now , htc should step up if they want to sell more phones

  4. Man I don’t care about this… They need to announce the One MAXX 2

  5. Is there an article on this site worth reading?

  6. They can’t even get their camera right on their phone, what made them think they could compete in a territory devoted to camera tech?

  7. Bokeh effect for their videos is what I want.

  8. Really hope the m8 sequel has at least a 10UP back and 5UP front, also hope they keep the dual camera and improve on it.

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