This crazy Android stylus is a real life Photoshop Eyedropper tool


mozbii stylus

One of the most important tools every artist has is color. With colors you can convey a mood, the time of day, emotion on someones face, beauty, and so much more. Getting just the right color can make all the difference. Of course, color is all around us, but translating it into digital form can be hard sometimes. What if you could simply use the color picker tool in real life?

That is exactly what the Mozbii stylus does. All you do is hold the stylus over an object and it instantly identifies the color and allows you to use that color in the companion app. It really is amazing. This is the type of thing you see in a sci-fi movie. Drawing a picture of your car? Can’t find that perfect shade of blue? Just scan it! Drawing a self-portrait but can’t find your unique skin color? Scan your arm! Bring the real world into your drawings.

This device is currently being funded onKickstarter. So far they’ve raised well over their $30,000 goal. For just $64 you can get a Mozbii color capturing stylus. There will be a companion Android app once the stylus is released. If you’re into art and drawing you should definitely check out this cool gadget.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Anyone knows an app that does this reliably? I have problem with colors after multiple laser retina treatments (yellow is grayinsh white to me), and I always struggle while shopping to figure out whether a piece of clothing is black or navy, etc.

  2. I hope this gets incorporated into wacom pens or the new ultrasound pens being released next year. Capacitive pens are a drag.

  3. This would be really helpful if I was colorblind.

    1. This is helpful, and I am colorblind! Do you know how hard it is to tell certain colors, especially say if I have to do a patch job on a wall and I need more paint? Or even color coordinating objects with different lights…it’s so frustrating! I see this as really helping me out.

  4. WANT, not even sure why.

  5. Can’t this be done with an app on any phone with a camera and a neutral/calibrated light source? Just point your camera and touch the pixels you want sampled.

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