4 Sony phones reach end of life status: Xperia SP, Xperia C, Xperia M and Xperia L


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Don’t look now, but a few Sony phones have reached the end of the road when it comes to updates. It appears owners of the Sony Xperia SP, Sony Xperia C, Sony Xperia M (and its dual SIM variant) and the Sony Xperia L will no longer be getting major upgrades. The phones are currently on variants of Jelly Bean between Android 4.2 and Android 4.3, so KitKat is seemingly out of the question.

Why? We’re not sure as some of Sony’s latest phones with similar (read: identical) specs are able to run KitKat just fine. It’s likely a product of them being spread so thin in their testing and certification department that it’s no longer economical for them to support these older phones. After all, Sony does introduce more phones than we can count on a yearly basis. Perhaps it’s time for them to realize that they’re releasing far too many phones.

We shouldn’t be that surprised that phones not considered “flagships” are being left in the dust, though it’s a sad reality of the smartphone world — support could end at the drop of a dime. Your only options are to upgrade to a more current handset or root and get the latest and greatest that the aftermarket community has to offer.

You should note that end of life doesn’t mean critical updates are coming to a standstill. Experience-breaking and security sensitive bugs will likely be ironed out if any arise, but don’t expect any major new features or upgrades to the latest version of Android.

[via XperiaBlog]

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  1. Who cares.

    Is the Z3 coming to VZW? That is what matters.

    1. a lot of people who own those phones do.

      1. Only 2 of us posted.. I think I was right.

        1. That’s because everyone else read this on other sites days ago when it was actualy news.

          1. Really? Droid-Life, arguably one of the biggest droid news sites, has zero mention of this. Why? No one cares.

          2. I dare you to say that on Xperiablog’s article about it and see what reaction you get.

            And it is “arguably” too, I browse Android sites every day and haven’t heard of that one

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