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From the Forums: The very first thing you MUST do when getting your Moto 360


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Whether you were a Google IO attendee entitled to one or lucky enough to have it shipped on time from the likes of Best Buy and Motorola, many of you are going to be getting Moto 360 units this week. You’ll likely want to rip the thing out of its packaging and immediately slap it onto your wrist for a full day of fun when you first get it, but you should probably hold off on that.

We’ve received reports of Moto 360 units rapidly discharging out of the box even while it’s sitting on the wireless charging dock. Our own Steve Albright watched his watch (pun… sort of not but sort of was intended) trickle down from 4% to 0% even though it should have been receiving a charge. Your Moto 360 is NOT defective — you just need to give it a bit of a kick start before going for the full drive.

We’ve found that charging the Moto 360 while it’s off will give it enough of a baseline current to charge while it’s on. The watch may automatically power itself on when there’s enough juice to last more than a few minutes.

In many of the reports we’ve seen and in the case of Steve’s watch, it’s apparent that the watch may not properly charge while powered on until you go through the full setup process and pair it to your phone. There’s a possibility that an OTA update is performed during this step to make the change needed to get proper charging behavior, but results definitely drastically improve either way.

For that reason, folks should try and charge their Moto 360 up a good amount before they first turn it on and begin pairing it to their smartphone. Most units should have enough of a charge for this to be a non-issue when they first take it out of the packaging, but there’s a chance many units out there are on the brink of battery death.

And that, folks, is why most manufacturers urge you to fully charge your device before first turning it on. Now dealing with that horrendous battery life? That’s another issue altogether. Let’s hope Motorola can get a move on that before the Moto 360’s honeymoon period is over.

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  1. 1) Give it back and wait for the HTC version which will be better in every way.

    1. They canceled their watch.

      1. Annnnnnnd… it’s back on again.

        Looks like they just pushed it back and it will take on the Apple Watch next year.

        1. Wow. Thanks Chris. Was about to research Sony’s smartwatch 3 with Android Wear. No way i was getting a Moto, Samsung, or LG version. Ill wait for HTC, it will hopefully come out with the M9 ??

          1. HTC will define the term bezel in their smartwatch.

          2. At least they won’t take a beautifully engineered phone and ruin it by putting junk all around the bezel cough LG cough

          3. Well a bezel-less phone isn’t very useful in my opinion. I mean people keep asking how will they hold it and what about cases. They fail to realize that sacrifices must be made for beauty. You can’t have your bezel-less and ergonomics too. You goin’ choose. one.

    2. Which will get God-awful support and will probably be abandoned by the company shortly after release due to poor sales.

      1. Name one thing HTC has abandoned due to poor sales ?

        1. HTC Jetstream?

  2. “The very first thing you MUST do when getting your Moto 360:
    Kick yourself in the ass for buying such a useless item as a “smart watch”.

    1. It looks cool, it gives me the time and notifications from my phone. It’s useful.

      1. Your phone can give you time and notifications.. you knew that, yeah?

        1. So can a laptop – so why carry a phone.

          1. Do you got a laptop in your back pocket?

          2. No, I’m just happy to see you

          3. Whys that in your back pocket…? :o

          4. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.

          5. Your smart watch can tell you.

          6. count me entertained, lol

          7. Do you got a phone on your wrist?

          8. “I got a laptop in my back pocket” is from a song. And no, I don’t have a phone on my wrist.

          9. Do you got a pocket full of sunshine?

          10. Sunshine? The paid root method for the VZW HTC one m8?

            no, I rooted with firewater while that still worked. Saved 25 bucks = win + trip to Mc Donalds.

          11. Rap God. I thought of the same line lol

        2. So because our phones can give us time, watches are useless?

    2. So edgy, don’t cut yourself.

      1. Edgy, just like the bottom of the HTC one m8?

    3. While I do not own a smart watch (yet)… I find it hilarious that there are people that think that just because they find no use in the device, no one else should either. You really come off as butthurt. I’m just not sure about what exactly though.

      1. He probably had too many dicks in his behind. It explains the butthurting in the comments that is coming from him.

      2. Agreed. My feeling is that like tablets, it will do certain things VERY well, and other things not so well.

        One great use that I can see for a smartwatch is with fitness apps. It’s a better option than taking a phone on a training run, and has better integration
        with other apps than using a standalone fitness watch.

        Browsing the web…. not so much.

    4. Are dumb watches just as useful? Moto 360 at least enters enough of the “stylish” territory where it isn’t just a smart watch… it’s a fashion accessory.

    5. You must be an entrepreneur. Such vision out of you!

    6. That’s what they once said about tablets…

      1. How are tablets more useful than a phone, be honest. I’m not talking x86 tablets, ARM tablets.

        1. I’d rather take notes in my class on my tablet rather than my phone. Also at home when I’m playing games and want to look at guides in League of Legends, I look at my tablet rather than my phone. The larger screen gives you access to more.

          It’s actually more useful than my phone when I’m not using my phone for talking, or actively moving around.

        2. Sorry, but browsing the internet or reading one of my college textbooks is quite a bit more enjoyable on a tablet than a phone.If you’re into games, a Nexus 7 tablet is going to likely be your best experience to play on.

          It might not be as useful since they pretty much do the same thing, but there many things that are just easier to do on a larger screen.

  3. First thing Moto must do is actually get enough product on the market so it’s not going out of stock in a few seconds. It just went up on Best Buy and in a few minutes, sold out again.

  4. I’ve learned years ago to charge all devices before you put them on. I know the excitement of getting the device is like a child on Christmas morning, then you have to remember to put the batteries in.

  5. The very first thing you MUST do when getting your Moto 360
    -sell it
    -get an brand new Apple watch

    1. In. January. Or maybe February. Who knows? I’m loving my 360. Works great, looks great.

      1. How long did yours take to charge? Mine is taking FOREVER. It’s almost like its stuck. Also the bar around the watch indicating battery level is thick, not thin like the picture. Something is amiss.

        1. Mine is actually going DOWN on the charger… wtf???

  6. First thing I’ll do I’ll wait for a sequel when battery life gets better. Wait till next summer.

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