Big Android BBQ announces two big Googlers as opening keynote speakers



Whoa there! The Big Android BBQ is serious business now, folks. If the mass of OEMs, developers and other ecosystem players attending on a yearly basis wasn’t enough to convince you, perhaps this will: Google will have a couple of their biggest developer advocates on hand, and they will be delivering the opening keynote address!

reto meier

First up is well-known Googler Reto Meier who serves as the manager for the Scalable Developer Advocacy team. We’ll also be treated to words by Timothy Jordan, a senior developer advocate at Google who dons the most awesome fedora in his Google+ profile photo.

tim jordan

Those two will look to speak on the evolution of Android and how it’s been made flexible enough to make its way into emerging new product categories such as smart watches and smart glasses.

The Big Android BBQ is an annual event full of fun, food and guilty geek pleasure. Android enthusiasts, developers and bloggers from all over the country come together to discuss many different aspects of the platform and the ecosystem surrounding it. It’s usually an amazing time and folks who attend are always eager to get back every year.


Be sure to buy your tickets early as space is scarce. The cheapest cost of admission is $75 which will get you access to a multitude of sessions, access to the main exhibition hall and the pool party + barbecue. You can pay more for premium tickets which afford you perks like preferred keynote seating, private lunch with event staff and notable attendees and a private BBQ dinner cooked by Ray Walters.

Big Android BBQ Bacon Explosion

For the biggest of ballers? You’ll be treated to all that and a flight and hotel package that includes cheeky escort service by our friend and event coordinator Aaron Kasten, as well as golf cart service to and from the convention center. You can check all of those packages out here and decide which one is best suited for your needs, wants and desires. Be sure to stay tuned to Phandroid for some discount opportunities to make the trip a bit more affordable.

Can’t attend? You can bet Phandroid will be representing you in full force and that we’ll be bringing you all the most exciting happenings once it gets underway Friday, October 16th at the Hurst Conference Center in Hurst, TX. Hope to see you there!

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  1. The BBQ this year just got cranked up to 11. Can’t. Wait.

  2. I am so bummed that I have a schedule conflict and can not attend. I sort of dislike @Derek Ross:disqus now, since he is going and I am not.

  3. Can someone jog my memory? In the last few years has the next Nexus device been shown before, during, or after the BBQ?

    1. It depends if you have a secret decoder ring or not.

      1. Hmmm…I’ll have eat some more cereal first. Brb going to the store

  4. To all my fellow Phandroid peeps…I have the new nexus 6 in my possession and its awesome!!

    Edit: that was a bad joke on my retrospect this was not funny..I feel like an bad..I’ll down vote myself.

      1. Fits perfectly in my hand.

    1. Mind if I join you in the down vote?

      1. Go for it. I deserve it.

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