Never lose your phone or keys again with Motorola’s Power Pack Micro and Motorola Keylink


Power Pack Micro

Motorola’s big announcements this morning included two new phones and a highly anticipated smartwatch, but they also showed off two new accessories. The first was a tiny futuristic wireless earbud called Moto Hint, and the second was a cool battery pack called Power Pack Micro. Like the Moto Hint, the Power Pack Micro is more than what meets the eye.

A typical battery pack is a plain and bulky accessory that does one thing: charge your phone. That’s it. The Power Pack Micro can do that, but also help you find your keys or phone. First and foremost it can provide up to 7 hours (1500mAh) of extra life when you need it, and it looks good doing it. You can get it in 8 colors, and it has a handy clip and with detachable cap so you can hook it to your keys or bag.

That’s where the Power Pack Micro stops being a typical battery pack. With the built-in Motorola Keylink feature you can press a button on the Power Pack to find your phone, or use the companion app to find the Power Pack. Manufacturers have tried making cheap “Find Me” devices like this, but they lacked the extra functionality of a battery pack. Plus, if the Power Pack Micro is connected to a Moto phone it disables the lockscreen.

The Power Pack Micro is available right now from for $39.99. It is currently available in violet, royal blue, turquoise, lemon lime, and dark canvas. Are you buying one?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. When I first saw this thing, I got super excited, was totally planning on buying one. Then I drew out the measurements on a piece of paper… that thing isn’t comfortably going into anyones pants pockets.

    1. It’s not. Even if you wear your keys on your belt loop, it’s pretty bulky. I think this is more geared towards women who can keep their keys in their purse and because you know… they’re always losing things. *ducks*

      1. I would totally get something just like this that didn’t have the charging capabilities, so long as it was small. Find your keys with your phone and vice versa is a great idea.

      2. So the idea is women could find an entire lost purse, if they can hear a tiny little beep? that thing is ridiculous. People also don’t realize external batteries are fairly inefficient you’ll be lucky to get 1200mah out of that into your phone, yet its the size of like 4 internal phone batteries

  2. It looks quite big. But more importantly compatible with all Androids? Version 4.X+?

  3. Meh. Another battery pack, in a market flooded with battery packs.

    1. It’s not JUST a battery pack though, that’s what makes this so cool.

  4. I’m always losing my phone. Or my keys. But not usually both. Honestly, if I could have this and a turbo charger my life might be changed forever. Buy myself an early Christmas present I shall.

  5. For only being 1500 mah it sure looks quite bulky and large. I’ve seen 12000 mah Ankers slimmer than that.

  6. It doesn’t tell if it is Bluetooth 4.0 LE or 3.0 edr+ like the Hint, which I find kinda ridiculous for the price. We need more 4.0 tech that actually is LE.

  7. Seems a little big for something you attach to your keys and have to carry around in the pocket all day. The battery packs im currently using on a daily basis are pretty small and offer 2500mAh. Do you guys have an size comparisons to smartphones.

    1. Wow it is

  8. Where’s the much smaller new skip?

  9. Maybe if technology gets small enough there can be a card size ‘find my wallet’ device?
    Slot it in your wallet and pair it with your phone.
    Then maybe a smaller version to put into your keyring.

    This Micro is pretty small for a powerbank but a little too big for the keyring.

    1. They already have that out!

      1. Technology has left me in the dust again :P

  10. Um yeah I want to put a brick in my pocket.

  11. Phone in pocket, keys on keyring post. DONE.

  12. Next, they should make one with extra memory. My 16 GB phone is always getting too full! That would REALLY set this device apart!

  13. They need an emergency version that gives 3.5 hours (750mAh) of charge life instead of 7 hours (1500 mAh) and is HALF the size.

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