Friday Freebie: Fight the alien invasion in TowerMadness



Looking for something to keep you occupied this weekend? In need of a consolation prize after missing out on your chance to snag a Moto 360? AndroidArea has the deal for you. TowerMadness, normally priced at $0.99, is available for free for a limited time.


This tower defense-style game tasks you with defending a helpless flock of sheep from the evil alien horde. With 100 maps and 60+ weapons all laid out in 3D on your smartphone, hours of entertainment are at your fingertips. You better hurry, though, as this freebie will only last for the next two weeks (or until all free download codes are claimed).

For even more deals, be sure to check out AndroidArea, which you can access by clicking the “Deals” tab in the Phandroid header above or by simply navigating to

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  1. Yay!! Paid games for free!!

  2. On PlayStore this game is not free!

    1. It’s not in the Playstore. (

      I just made an account and downloaded it. No credit card info needed. I didn’t even need to verify my email address. I didn’t feel like pressing “Ctrl + T” and typing ‘m’ to go to my email address. #FirstWorldProblems

      1. A free app trying to entice people in downloading outside of the PlayStore? I bet you it requires all possible permissions. This looks like a scam. No thanks, if they want to give it free, put it in the PlayStore.

        1. That can be fixed with a certain app if you are “Lucky”.

  3. Requires you to sign up or sign in with facebook, then like, follow, or +1 them, and finally “spread the word” before you can download it. I’m not going to whore myself out for $1. This is exactly what causes piracy and I don’t blame pirates for that. Make it free to download with no strings attached and I will most likely download it and if I like it, spread the word (and link) to my friends. My word has integrity and will not give it out before I can vouch for it. Either keep it paid or make it free. None of this circus clown jumping through hoops.

    “If something seems too good to be free, often you are the product”

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