Sep 2nd, 2014

samsung gear s swarovski

Swarovski crystals on a smartphone? Meh. On a smart watch? Why, now you’re talking Samsung! The company has introduced a version of the Samsung Gear S that has Swarovski crystals encrusted on the watch band. The new blingage gives the Gear S an eye-catching look, and looks perfect for anyone concerned with style.

The Gear S didn’t need much help on its own with a curved display design that makes it stand out from other smart watches. Samsung says the device is made with a completely new Swarovski product called Crystal Fine Mesh (obviously not to be confused with fine crystal meth).

In case you didn’t catch the news last week, the Gear S is Samsung’s first smart watch with dedicated 3G radios, meaning you can use data and make calls with the device without having to be paired up to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It doesn’t offer much more than that over their other Tizen-based smart watches, though that might be reason enough for someone to throw hard-earned dollars at it.

Samsung didn’t have any pricing info to share, but we at least know you’ll be able to find it on their website and in one of their few Samsung Experience retail stores starting next month. Samsung also let slip that their next flagship device will also see some Swarovski love, and we’re all but certain they’re talking about the Galaxy Note 4. We should be hearing a LOT more from the South Korean company tomorrow.

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