Aug 26th, 2014

Hyperlapse for Android

Early this afternoon, the world became enamored with Instagram’s latest mobile app since launching Bolt a few weeks ago. It’s called Hyperlapse and the app essentially allows users to create beautiful time lapse videos using nothing but their smartphones. Sure, there are a few apps that already do something similar, but it’s nothing close to the way Hyperlapse handles time lapse video.

Instead of taking photos and later converting them into a video, Hyperlapse simply records video (doesn’t snap photos), showing the real-world time passed and time of the outputted sped up video. Once finished, Hyperlapse is able to stitch together snaps shots into a single, incredibly stabilized video. Really, it’s pretty remarkable and results speak for themselves.

Hyperlapse Baraka-sample

Hyperlapse video in action (click to view)

The only problem is the app, like many others, is only available on iOS, leaving Android users out in the cold. Because we’re sure, like us, many of you are wondering when an Android version will be available you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. Before you get upset, this has less to do with any sort of exclusivity deals or platform favoritism.

In a statement given to Wired earlier today, Instagram says Google will have to make some changes to the camera and gyroscope APIs on Android before Hyperlapse could ever become compatible with our devices. Bummer. The good news (if any) is that Instagram is ready and willing, so the future of Hyperlapse for Android isn’t entirely bleak.

For more info on Hyperlapse, check out the trailer down below and if you want to try it on your iPad, you can find it on iTunes here.

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