OnePlus manages to put on a respectable contest: share a photo and win 1 of 10,000 invites


oneplus one summer shots contest

OK, so OnePlus’s last contest didn’t quite work out the way they wanted. Sweep it under the rug, they shall. The broom they’ll use to sweep? Another contest — one with up to 10,000 invites to buy a OnePlus One up for grabs. On top of the fact this is a contest that isn’t limited to just a handful of people, it’s actually easy to enter and doesn’t teeter on lines of sexism and environmental irresponsibility. Here’s how you enter for a chance to win:

  1. Post a photo taken this summer with hashtags #summershots and #oneplus on Instagram (or, alternatively, do any of the other social actions listed here)
  2. Sit back and check out entries from other OnePlus fans

And that’s it. Refreshing, isn’t it? The contest runs from today through August 25th at 6am Eastern, and winners will be chosen at random and contacted August 27th. You can win up to 15 entries. Posting your photo to Instagram nets you the most, while the typical “stalk us on social networks” will get you 1 each. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • Share your summer shots on Instagram – 5 entries
  • Share your summer shots on Twitter – 3 entries
  • Share your summer shots on OnePlus forums – 2 entries
  • Follow on Instagram, Follow on Twitter, Like on Facebook, Follow on Google+ and Subscribe to YouTube channel – 1 entry for each of those actions

That gives you a pretty good chance to win if you haven’t already been able to buy a OnePlus One. Not much to complain or yell about here. Well, one guy did manage to dock points from OnePlus for putting up a massive contest when they could just sell the phones first come first serve, but that dead horse has already been beaten 10 times over. Go ahead and enter at their contest website right here.

[via OnePlus]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yeah, either just sell it already or GTFO.

    1. Yeah I mean seriously, not everyone can afford a camera these day’s so how are people suppose to post a picture!!! -____-

    2. I have this phone it beats note 3 and the price is cheap. 64 gig for $350 read the specs on one plus site..loving the phone

      1. It can have the best specs in the world but if people aren’t able to buy it, that’s worthless. My Note 3, I walked in and picked up the day I decided I wanted it. This thing…. well, still waiting. Not really. Gave up on waiting actually.

        1. Lmao there is no waiting now they are practically giving the invites out. Tons of new members are already ordering there’s

  2. It doesn’t matter if it’s a respectable or disrespectful contest. It’s the fact you have to have an invite to buy something. What were they thinking when they made this phone?

  3. i’ve already moved on, this has been such a horrible way to get people to buy this phone. cant say that i will be tempted to order one in the future either.

    i was very excited for this phone to get released, but now they want us to play games with them just to get an invite. sorry, not going to happen.

  4. Why don’t they just either:
    a) Give invites to the first 10,000 people who sign up.
    or better,
    b) Give invites to the 10,000 people who’ve been signed up for their forums the longest and still haven’t received an invite.

    Why are they *still* asking people to jump through hoops to buy their phone, even after they’ve ramped up production?

    1. they still ask because there are too many sheeple that that will continue to do it.

  5. I’m sick of their stupid games and jumping through hoops. It is OK when it first comes out, but it is now months later and their incessant need to have people beg and do stupid things is nothing but irritating and it has turned me off

    1. same here. When your still in an invite system 2 to 3 months later it is not fun or cool anymore. It just shows how ineffective and horrible your company is being managed that you can’t get a product on the shelves to sell regularly.


  7. i sold mine and got the lg g3 on tmo rooted as soon as i got home with xposed and loving it so much more

    1. Did the same thing but I got an AT&T version. Waiting on that bootloader unlock right now.

      1. It’s amazing how much better the phone feels in hand

  8. would only buy again just to sell it

  9. Yeah….No thanks

  10. man screw oneplus and their bs invite system lol. That company is a joke

  11. Zero bezel means it’s impossible to securely fit a case and is easier to crack the edges of the glass, so I vote minimal bezel.

    1. Wrong article, Elizabeth.

  12. Yawn. Let me know when Oneplus One releases a phone that is sub 5.5″. 5″ is ideal for me. I’d also like MicroSD storage. Neversettle. Bwahahaha!

  13. what a gimmick of a company

  14. OnePlus Website says the availability of this phone to the public is Q1 next year lol

  15. Can someone send me a invite so I can enter to win an invite?

  16. The small text disclaimer, Only hot chicks need apply…..

  17. I swear, I think their productions/numbers person must’ve never passed kindergarten since they can’t count above 10. I guess that explains the OnePlus One nomenclature.

  18. I have one invite…and OPO doesn’t ship to my country so if anyone wants he/she can reply to this msg i will give him/her my invite

    1. Invite please!

      1. Very Sorry someone else asked for it before you and i gave it to him.

        1. Thanks anyway. It’s good to see people sharing the love!

  19. I am the Lucky ones I have one plus phone its an awesome phone wish they opened it up

  20. Are there bonus entries if your photo is oddly yellow on the bottom?

  21. I’ve got the OnePlu one.. Amazing phone and destroys my lg g3 but really can’t support the brand until they can make more

    1. Support them in what way? They’ve created a great phone (spec wise) at a great price, sent out OTA updates regularly, and are continuing to ramp up production. There have been hiccups, but overall I’m pleased with the experience.

      The only thing I find annoying is the lack of accessories, but I found my tempered glass screen protector and I’m content now.

  22. Too many problems with this phone and company for me to consider buying it no matter how cheap it is

  23. LOL. The moment the next nexus drops people will stop caring.I was intrigued. But I’ll not dance like a monkey on social media to get a damn phone. Sorry.

    I’ve got the cousin of this device. The Find 7a. Even with CM on it is mediocre at best.

    So…waiting for the next nexus.

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