Aug 22nd, 2014


Last week, the makers of Coin announced that they’d be emailing early backers this week, allowing them to claim their e-cards. Today, that email has arrived but it includes a few surprises we weren’t exactly expecting. Once the mobile apps have been released (iOS August 28th, Android September 25th), Coin backers will have the choice to either opt in for the beta version (launching as planned), or wait for the final 100% bug-free version which, as it turns out, has been delayed until Spring 2015.

Here’s what Coin said to backers after claiming their Coin from the email:

“We realize that our devoted Backers and early supporters are anxious to get their Coins and we understand the desire to finally have Coin in hand. However, we also recognize the desire for a product that is 100% successful and offers all the features we’ve been developing and promised.

When you download your Coin app, you’ll have the opportunity to opt-in for Coin Beta, or opt to stick it out and wait for Coin. As always, we are grateful for our community in helping us to revolutionize the way we pay. Let’s do this.”

Coin backers will receive their shipping dates only after downloading the required mobile app and choosing either the beta or final version. Keep in mind that although opting for the Coin Beta version gets you non-delayed access to Coin, you’ll still have to purchase the final version later (although at a discounted $30). For those looking to get their hands on Coin as soon as possible, here’s what you’ll have to sacrifice in the beta version:

  • 85% swipe acceptance
  • No Left-Behind Alert
  • Coin Beta users should carry a back up debit or credit card should they identify a machine that can’t yet accept Coin
  • Not available for international Backers (US only)

As we’ve seen so many times in the past with crowd-funding projects like this, unforeseen issues during the manufacturing process typically pop up out-of-the-blue and delay a product’s release, sometimes substantially. It appears Coin wasn’t immune to this and even if it shouldn’t come as a surprise, we have to admit — we’re a little disappointed.

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