Aug 19th, 2014

asus smart watch

We weren’t sure how accurate reports of ASUS wanting to bring a new smart watch were, but it appears they were spot on if the Taiwanese company’s latest Tweet is anything to go by. A new teaser posted to their account shows the following caption atop a shadowy watch figure:

Time has been transformed, and we have changed.

It’s a quote by Khalil Gibran, a Lebanese artist and poet. We’re not sure if the origin of said quote is relevant to whatever smart watch ASUS will unveil, but there it is anyway. If rumors are to be believed, ASUS will employ Android Wear for their software needs. That’s not too surprising considering they were named as one of the first Android Wear partners back when the platform was first unveiled.

From what we can tell the smart watch will boast a square-ish aspect ratio with rounded corners, though that’s all we can gleam from the teaser. For software we can expect ASUS to line up with Google’s mandate that prohibits OEMs from deeply customizing Android, so there shouldn’t be many surprises on that front.

ASUS has been known to undercut their competitors in terms of price in various arenas, including tablets, notebook computers and even computer monitors. We certainly hope they’ll look to do the same with their Android Wear smart watch. The unveiling happens September 3rd in Berlin at IFA, so be sure to wake up nice and early to get all the details if it’s something you’ve been anticipating.

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