Aug 19th, 2014


After gracing iOS devices back in July, the critically acclaimed MOUNTAIN has now arrived for Android. Charging $1, the self-described “mountain simulator” challenges normal gaming conventions in that… well, you really don’t do much. You are mountain. You are god. And without getting too deep, this means you stare at a fairly well-detailed mountain as it exists in time and space and contemplate your life.

There aren’t any real controls per se. Sure, you can spin the mountain around, take a look at some of it’s trees, or even zoom out to see the mountain existing in space. There’s also an invisible keyboard along the bottom of the screen can be tapped to play sounds.

If you “play” the MOUNTAIN long enough — probably the most challenging aspect of the game — you might even exist long enough to see random debris fall from the sky. Occasionally the mountain will provide players with its thoughts as the weather and seasons change. This is simply put, the life out of a mountain.

When all is said and done, this is what $1 will get you. But if you give it a chance, you just might learn something about yourself. In our busy day to day lives, stuck in the rat race trying to make ends meet, I’m not ashamed to admit that at the end of my half-hour romp with MOUNTAIN… I cried.

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