Watch Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Tim Cook, and other tech execs get drenched in the #IceBucketChallenge [GIFS]


If you haven’t heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge we’ll explain below, but first, enjoy some of the tech industries top leaders getting drenched.

Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Google co-founders

Larry Sergey

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO


Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

Satya Nadella

John Legere, T-Mobile CEO

John Legere

Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO

Reed Hastings

Dick Costello, Twitter CEO

twitter dick costello

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Tim Cook

Bill Gates, Microsoft Advisor

Bill Gates

The Ice Bucket Challenge has only been around for a couple of weeks, but the tech world is already wet and cold.  The challenge was created at the end of July by Pete Frates in attempt to raise money and awareness for ALS. It’s a very simple idea that has taken the world by storm. First, someone will be challenged to dump a bucket of ice water on themselves within 24 hours, or donate $100 to the ALS Association. Once they complete the challenge they can then nominate other people to do it, and the cycle continues.

Everyone from Martha Stewart to Aaron Rodgers has participated in the challenge, including a growing amount of tech leaders. So far the ALS Association has raised over $4 million in just a couple short weeks. We love a good cause, especially when it results in some of our favorite tech leaders getting soaking wet. What do you think about the Ice Bucket Challenge? Have you or anyone you know been challenged yet? Share your favorites with us below!

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  1. Those employees dumping the buckets much have been so happy! Not everyone can say that they dumped a bucket of ice water on their CEO!

  2. And of course, Cook uses the smallest bucket of all.

    1. Way to completely miss the point and be a d-bag in the process, at least he did it.

  3. I’m surprised some of these guys even did this at all! Yo go Cook!

  4. I’m going to start the Boiling Water Challenge, I challenge all of you!

  5. First Place: Bill Gates for taking the time to actually make a cool setup
    Last Place: Tim Cook for his sissy bucket
    Honorable Mention: John Legere for getting hit with multiple buckets from all sides.

  6. So when is Phandroid going to join in on this Ice Bucket Challenge? O_0

  7. Is that a new tablet behind Sergey Brin and Larry page?

  8. This is about as the cinnamon challenge and planking.

  9. I’m pretty sure the idea is to dump ice on your head AND donate, not one or the other…but DONATING is the important part which seems to be getting lost with some people.

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