New Game: WWE SuperCard is a great excuse for wrestling fans to spend money on digital cards


wwe supercard

We’re not sure what’s up with the revitalization of trading card games, but we’ve seen a great influx of them over the past few years. Console sports games have especially taken a keen liking to the format, with EA using Ultimate Team on Madden and FIFA to let players craft teams by collecting player cards, and 2K Sports doing something similar on NBA 2K with their MyTeam mode.

Now the WWE is falling in line. WWE SuperCard is the second game from 2K Sports under their newly-acquired WWE license, and it’s a mobile offering that serves up a simple, yet addictive game that pits you against many other crazed fans out there. You start with a pack of Superstar cards — 1 is guaranteed to be Rare — and use that as the basis of putting together a team you’ll use to fight against others.

wwe super card

Each superstar has their own stats — charisma, speed, toughness and power. And depending on how good the card is they can even get bonus stats in a particular category that may help give you the edge in a match. The action starts with the game telling you what type of match you’ll be fighting — 1 on 1, tag team or a diva match — and which bonuses will weigh heavily in its outcome. Should it show Charisma, you might have a chance to win a match with someone like The Rock even though his opponent (let’s say Stone Cold Steve Austin for old time’s sake) might have more power and toughness.

You earn “picks” after each match, though you’ll only earn 1 pick if you lose opposed to 2 for winning. You’ll also be able to buy picks using real money if the grind is too long for you. Picks can be used to select new cards that you can use to buff your collection.

Get a couple of stinkers? Just use them to train existing superstars. Training cards increases their levels and stats, though each one has a level of potential with an eventual ceiling. You can heighten that ceiling by combining two of the same cards if you have the luxury, so you might not want to discard duplicates immediately if you don’t have to.

The game is simple in its core and is a nice, quick way for WWE fans to get a taste of “action” absent the real thing or a true wrestling game. Despite that, though, it’s pretty fun, and you can get as deep as you want to once you get the hang of the training and combining system. It’s free to download and you can go very far without spending a dime so be sure to give it a shot at the Google Play Link below.

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  1. The only problem is no card can ever beat the John Cena card.

    1. Depends on the rarity of the card. Can easily be beaten, even with a low level superstar.

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