Aug 11th, 2014

skully helmet

Ready to buy the one of the most technologically advanced motorcycle helmets you’ll ever see? Meet Skully AR-1, a smart motorcycle helmet that can make riding not only safer, but more fun and more involved. Skully features a heads-up display projected onto the visor of your helmet, giving you a look at a real-time feed of your rear thanks to a rear facing camera implanted in the thing.

The heads-up display can also show you information about the music you’re playing through the helmet’s integrated audio system, help you navigate to the nearest gas station or wherever it is you need to go, and more. Heck, you can even place a phone call with this thing — not that riders should be distracted by the mental encumbrance of a phone call, but at least you won’t have any reason to take your hand off the throttle should you need to.

Beyond all that, the helmet seems to be built well as an actual — erm — helmet. It’s DOT and ECE certified, meaning it’s deemed safe enough for road use and should be as effective at protecting your noggin as any viable motorcycle helmet can.

Ready for the price? $1399 is the cheapest you’d be able to get this thing if you live in the US, which isn’t quite that bad for a helmet that essentially doubles as a smartphone. Helmets typically range from $150 on the low-end to $3500 on the high-end, so take that for what you will before placing your bid.

skully tech specs

Those outside of the US will be asked to pay $200 more to cover shipping and other costs. There’s also a premium special edition option that comes with an autograph by the company’s CEO — whether or not the extra $600 that costs is worth it is up to you to decide. And for the really big ballers out there? Consider one of the limited prototype helmets, which gets you a special edition AR-1 one month early, plus an additional regular AR-1 helmet.

Don’t worry about the campaign failing because Skully has raised more than 200% of their $250,000 goal in under a day. That’s amazing considering there are no cheapo backer rewards — you either buy a helmet or go home. The campaign is scheduled to close September 9th, and should everything go according to plan (things often don’t) you can expect these to arrive starting May 2015. Let us know if any of you bikers will be opting to grab one of these bad boys by leaving a comment below.

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