Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 4 images leak as “Galaxy Note Edge” trademark appears


samsung galaxy note 4 2

With under a month to go until Samsung unleashes the goods we’re anticipating you can expect the leaks to begin ramping up. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has surprisingly kept a pretty low profile to this point, but we may have gotten our first leaked photo of the thing courtesy of a GSMArena leak.

We can’t gleam much about the device from the photo in terms of things we weren’t expecting. It has a camera, a physical home button (which could double as a fingerprint scanner) and probably has a fingerprint scanner beneath that LED flash next to the camera on the back. There’s also an S-Pen, and that freaking huge display that’s hard for anyone to miss.

One thing we do notice is that the device does not have a wrap-around display. Previous rumors have told us to expect a display that wraps around the edges to display limited amounts of information on the sides (such as fitness, time or weather info) or possibly provide extended controls for music playback and other functions. We’re not sure what material the backplate is made of, but it does appear to be another “premium” faux leather outing.

The bezels suggest the device will have a metal frame as rumors have suggested, so there should be no more complaints about cheap and flimsy plastic should that come to pass. It may not be the full metal unibody build we typically go nuts over, but it’s better than nothing. Of course, those who contend plastic is better are probably unhappy, but hey — you can’t please everyone.

To piggyback that news, Samsung has apparently filed a trademark for “Galaxy Note Edge,” which would hint that the wrap-around Note device could be an entirely separate device altogether. It’s a shame that they wouldn’t take the chance and put that into the base model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but what are you going to do?

We’re not sure if that dashes our hopes of seeing the device outside of Asia as Samsung will likely look to sell the base Samsung Galaxy Note 4 model above anything else. I guess only time can answer those questions, and we’re hoping the first round of answers will arrive at some point before Samsung’s September 3rd event.

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  1. That is one hideous battery cover.

    1. I think the cover of the back is a fake. The phone looks curved at the bottom.

      1. Totally fake.

        Charging port and stylus areas are blurred while the table below and the phone pretty much everywhere else on the picture is sharp.

        Raised charging port suggests curved back on this phone, but you do not see even a hint of curvature in the battery cover.

        All I cay say is This looks shipped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time

        Ignoring the facts, it actually looks alright.

        1. This comment is funny. There’s nothing about this that looks “shopped.”

  2. sexy i have owned 1,2,3 and soon the Powah of the Note 4 hehehehehe

  3. Note2 Owner here, It looks like a tablet. So wide.

  4. What kind of plug is that? Looks wider than Micro-USB.

    Also, I may upgrade to this, when my Note 2, 2 years is up. It’s way too slick. I’ve never dropped a phone before, but have several times on my Note 2. It even slipped out of my pocket, between my seat in my car. And in it minimal distance and speed, it somehow hit something hard enough, directly on the power button. The power button has a nice crease in the center of it, and took me an hour to surgically pop it back out from being always stuck on. Cheap plastic for sure.

    1. Isn’t it the same as the Note 3 and S5? Micro USB 3 port, fits standard micro USB but with an extra bit for faster data transfer & charging with the matching cable.

      1. Got no idea. I haven’t payed attention to those. I didn’t realize there was a new micro usb.

        *edit. Looked it up. It is weird. I’ve never seen, nor heard of that before. But again, I haven’t been in the phone market for about 2 years now. Really do wish they’d adopt something like the Lightning cable that Apple uses. We really should be beyond the technology to where we have to worry about which direction we plug it in.

        1. They are working on it, it’s called micro USB 3.1: http://www.theverge.com/2013/12/4/5173686/usb-type-c-connector-specification-announced. This weird hybrid design was more a stop-gap that not many manufacturers bothered with.

        2. In order for them to work on something like Apple they would need to conduct a new universal standard or you’d be buying separate USB plugs for all your devices.

          This is the difference between proprietary and universal things. With proprietary, you can make whatever, but it’s usually more costly for the consumer, yet usually better than the rest.

    2. Same plug as the Galaxy Note 3: a micro USB 3.

      Still compatible with USB 2 for charge or sync but it comes with a USB 3 cable for extra fast data transfer.

    3. That giant micro usb3 port will be replaced very soon by a smaller usb3.1 “type-c” REVERSIBLE connector. Finally.


    4. Its a USB 3.0 plug which allows faster data transfer than microUSB.

  5. Looks like a poor rendering to me. The top earpiece is jacked up and the S Pen just looks weird comparing top and back views.

  6. I actually like the look of this. I may be the minority here, but any kind of physical changes to the device would just be icing on the cake. The Note 3 is the first phone that didn’t leave me feeling jealous when newer phones came out. The S5, G3, M8 all look great, but I wouldn’t give up the awesome functionality of the Note. I’m fine with the look of GN3. If the reported specs of the GN4 are accurate this will be a day one purchase as long they don’t totally screw up the design, lol.

  7. Looks damn good to me!

  8. Where’s the plastic version of pleather????

  9. actually…this is the first time in years i can actually say that for a samsung its a pretty nice looking device…well done…not for me im not into over sized “phones” but if i was i might consider this bad boy

  10. I’ll never own another device with physical buttons on the front bezel; it’s just a waste of precious bezel space that could better be filled by more display, or a smaller overall size.

    1. Beside the g3 most smartphones(HTC, SONY, etc) w/o a physical button have bigger top & bottom bezels than Samsung’s offerings.

    2. I feel the same way but if this turns out to be the beast it’s shaping up to be I might just but it and flash stock android on it.

  11. Okay, that’s pretty freakin rad. If this is the final design, count me in. I’ve been wanting a Note for years, but they’ve all looked so…. cheap.

  12. I like it. It looks very professional and high-end.

  13. Shut up and take my money!!

  14. I am totally disappointed now that I see this. It’s nothing to write home about.

  15. I’m in I have the original jump plan from T Mobile so for me is literally take this one give me that one, c’mon September……..

  16. Nnnnnnngngngggggggg… FAKE LEATHER.

    Real leather please.

  17. Note 2 owner here. Been very eager to see what the new Note looks like and see what specs/features it has. If this is what it looks like, I’m already thinking this may not be my upgrade.

  18. I intended to get the Note 4 from my Note 2 but if it looks like that, im definitely not going for it. For all I can tell, that thing is a fake.

  19. Looks FAKE as all hell.
    Horrible photoshop job to whoever did this.

  20. This is my Galaxy Note 3. I use the speakerphone lots. I play games a lot. I watch videos a lot. Well, I try anyways. When I try to look at something on the screen while on a phone call, I can barely hear it if there’s any other noise. When I watch a video, I have to have the sound on maximum and cup my hand around the speaker just so to make out what people are saying. When I play a game, I can’t hear at all, because my hand covers the speaker. This is my Note 3 – My last Samsung phone because the Samsung engineers heads are apparently to full of

  21. Looks great, except that they’re still keeping those nonconformist capacitive buttons. Id hoped that when they claimed they were going for a new form factor, they would would actually do that, anyway…

    Cetainly will be getting this device unless the internal storage is less than 32gb (which would render it useless for my purposes, since my huge apps don’t install to the ext SD).

    Tried so many other phones and despite all the yammering on by a lot of people, when it comes to functionality and what’s really important, no other phone comes close to the Note

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