Timex Ironman One GPS+ offers standalone smart watch without the need of a phone


Timex Group One GPS Beauty

The problem with many smart watches of today is that they all require you to be tethered to a smartphone if you want to do more than, well, tell the time. One option could change that, though, with Timex and AT&T coming together to introduce a standalone smart watch that has its own data radios.

The “Timex Ironman One GPS+” (a little wordy on the name there, eh?) runs a custom cloud-based platform by Synchronoss, is Qualcomm-based and boasts the following features and specs:

  • Stand-alone wireless connectivity without a phone
  • Email-based messaging capabilities
  • Tracking capabilities that communicate the user’s location to friends and family anytime, anywhere
  • Custom-built “Find Me Mode” safety solution, which allows users to send an alert with exact location in case of an emergency
  • Ability to track speed, distance and pace in real-time and instantaneously share performance metrics through your favorite social media and online fitness platforms
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters, an essential feature for water exposure, training in the rain or swimming
  • Built-in MP3 component  with 4 GB of memory to play music via a Bluetooth headset
  • Always-on, sunlight-readable, high-resolution touch display

Unfortunately AT&T’s original press briefing didn’t state whether the watch would be able to sync up with platforms like Android or iOS, though we’ve reached out to see if we can’t find out more. Pricing and availability is where things might get a bit sour for some of you, with AT&T planning to offer the One GPS+ for $400.

That’s a steep price compared to the $200-230 price range of current Android Wear smart watches, but the cellular connectivity inside the One GPS+ certainly makes up for that gap. If you don’t fancy the price and don’t require constant connectivity then you can always find a couple of great options here. Otherwise, stay on the lookout for Timex’s piece this fall.

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  1. One Word…

    1. Don’t really get the hate for this product.

  2. They need to add SMS and a heart rate monitor and I’m sold. And quit locking into ATT. So annoying.

    1. You’re actually asking for a heart rate monitor in a device, and a smartwatch at that? You should be locked up in an asylum for that.

  3. Step in the right direction. Smart watch without cell radios is silly.

  4. This is exactly what I was looking for in a smart watch! Accurate step counter, mp3 player, and cellular radios. Android wear is just a notification gimmick…. dumb. I hope Android wear evolves these functionalities. Otherwise, I’m passing.

    1. Playing mp3s from a smart watch doesn’t make sense to me. You’re going to be shaking around your headphone jack or playing from a tiny speaker. The only way I can see this making sense is if you use Bluetooth headphones. I’d rather just use an android wear app to control my music from my phone.

      1. Actually, I want to use a smart watch for my daily jogs. I’d use a Bluetooth headset, yes. I could use the watch to track my fitness and play music at the same time. That’s a good use case for me. It’s stupid for me to be anchored down by needing a phone to sync with.

      2. Here’s your sign

      3. “The only way I can see this making sense is if you use Bluetooth headphones.”

        Congratulations on reading the article, which specifically mentions playback via Bluetooth headset.

  5. AT&T…..stopped reading right there.

  6. wow a new phone line i don’t need. i will pass.

  7. Still just a Casio calculator watch from the 70s with a twist.

  8. How much is AT&T going to add to your monthly bill to have this watch on your account?

    This is the trade-off between a tethered smart watch and one that has its own data. Monthly charge for the watch and one device needed versus no monthly charge for watch but two devices.

  9. Wow this blows AW away right out the box! Just having Wi-Fi is brilliant just like a tablet or laptop your watch is smart in most places and since all data plans are share everything now iit may not cost at all to add this to your data plan. The big questionis UI how snappy and easy will this be to use? But the Wi-Fi and portable music are a no brainer why google/OEM’s missed this I’ll never know

    1. I’m still baffled that google isn’t including music playback at least. Why is Google totally gimping smart watch capabilities? Are they trying to fail?

      The 2 huge things that I was looking forward to with Android Wear was local music storage and GPS tracking. ….Big time failure…

  10. Battery life will be 30min…

    1. Don’t be so negative. With the optional back pack battery pack, and a wire down your sleeve, you can go all day without plugging in.

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