Sprint is reportedly withdrawing their offer to buy T-Mobile, will also give CEO Dan Hesse the boot


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Oh, happy day. According to a new report out of The Wall Street Journal, it appears Sprint may have tucked tail and ran in their effort to acquire T-Mobile. Sources claim regulatory hurdles are the reason for the sudden withdrawal, with parent company SoftBank finally deciding it would be too difficult to win the approval of officials. Both the Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission have made it known that further consolidation of the wireless industry would only hurt competition and consumers in the process.

This now leaves the door wide open for French carrier Iliad to swoop in for the kill, having no current connections to US telecoms. Still, there were many who doubt Iliad can come through, with T-Mobile initially rejecting their offer and the French carrier looking for additional finances. New rumors have begun circulating that Iliad could be regrouping, giving it another go but this time with financial backing from either Dish, Cox, Charter, or anyone else interested in a joint bid for T-Mobile (although it remains hearsay at the moment).

Update: And now we have Bloomberg chiming in with their own sources reporting that Sprint will officially replace current CEO Dan Hesse in an announcement scheduled for tomorrow. Things just got real interesting…

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  1. Hallelujah!!!!!

  2. Meh… I just left T-Mobile for Verizon. I like what T-Mobile is trying to do for the industry, but their coverage is horrible when you leave the city… and I like to spend a lot of time in Northern, AZ during the summer! Verizon pretty much has AZ blanketed in LTE. Plus I am getting 21% off because of my employer.

    1. I agree. I have people at my job with T-mobile who can’t even get coverage inside our building. They ask to borrow my phone for stuff because i’m on AT&T. So glad I didn’t jump on the T-mobile band wagon.

      1. All that will change when they finish switching their 2G signals to 4G LTE…

        1. There are places that T-Mobile roams onto EDGE networks in very rural areas. T-Mobile can’t force it’s roaming partners to upgrade their towers….

        2. They’ve already done so in my area,coverage is equal to AT&T’s.
          Both are equally great,indoors & out.

      2. Wifi calling at the office?

        1. No WiFi at my job. Job does not want people on their cell phones.

          1. I have to agree a job is for working ….not facebook tell them to suck it up sn do their jobs

      3. Yea, if I had to switch it would be att. Luckily I get great signal in my town and inside my office I still get LTE at around 28mbps. Only issue I have is on drive back home. I go back to edge speeds. But in the last couple of weeks Ive actually started seeing some h+ popping up. Hopefully my area is one of those that is being converted to LTE.

    2. If I had to do that I would. Sad thing is that even with my 22% discount it doesn’t even touch the tmobile price, heck, it won’t even touch the att price. If I had to switch due to coverage issues I would choose att first.

  3. oh well. Not surprised. Oh, if only t-mobile had coverage at my house. Wifi calling not enough for me to switch.

    1. not to mention, I believe the wifi calling only works if you buy your device directly from T-mo. I bought my N5 straight from goog so no wifi calling for me :-(
      I’m on T-mobile, but I just use sipdroid anyway, it just woulda been nice to do it without a 3rd party app and with a little more stability. :-

      1. True w/the WI-FI calling,only T-Mobile branded devices.
        As of now,haven’t heard of a hack for unbranded/unlocked phones that enables WI-FI Calling.

        Waiting for someone to correct me & post a link for such …………… ;-)

        1. That is correct. No unbranded phone on tmobile will work with wifi calling. It is a feature that tmobile bakes into their phones and the nexus especially will never have it as no one is allowed to tweak the phone unless it comes directly from google.

      2. Wifi calling works with any tmobile branded phone whether it was purchased from them or somewhere else. Most new phones being released now and in the last 2 years that are tmobile branded have wifi calling except for the iphone which will get it with ios 8. Reason non branded phones don’t get it is because tmobile has to install some files into phone to get this to work and google nexus phones are untouched by anyone except google.

    2. Yea, that’s how it was for me till last year. I still have my wife on sprint since she visits family and doesn’t get tmobile coverage there but other than that I’m ok with tmobile. There are times when I travel that I wished I had att or verizon and if tmobile doesn’t improve within the next year in those areas I will be forced to go with att.

  4. The Wall Street Journal said the Iliad deal was DOA-T-Mo had no interest in their offer.

    1. Looks like they’re coming back, and they could be bringing some new friends along. (updated the post)

      1. Yeah I saw that a few minutes ago. Was going to update my post, but you beat me to it!

  5. Good. I doubt anything would have happened if they merged. Didn’t Softbank have big promises when they were going to buy Sprint? All they brought was a sneaky referral program called Framily.

    Hopefully they’ll use that money to improve Sprint’s network like they were going to in the first place.

  6. Wow!! This is the news I’ve been waiting for in the Android world!! Things are getting interesting.

  7. Iliad deal is already a no go…reports say.

    1. Apparently they’re regrouping for a joint deal with Cox and Dish. We’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

      1. This is what I heard too. Dish is jumping on board.

        1. dish has to because they hold 50mhz of spectrum and they need to use it

      2. Just read that as well…haha

  8. So happy this is happening. Love T-Mobile’s service. I’m out in Rochester and get excellent coverage.

  9. T-Mobile is primed to do well in the stock market now. Sprint and Iliad fail to buy T-Mobile, which shows continuity for TMO and it will do better tomorrow. Companies fear T-Mobile too since it goes places that no companies go in the US. Now, it’s unlimited streaming music. What’s next? Other competitors are fearful.

    1. TMUS stock dropped

      1. Wow, it actually dropped about 9%. Looks like investors don’t agree with your comments.

  10. So dissapointed would had loved that roaming deal

  11. Wonderbar Sprint is a cluster f.

  12. I have been saying that they should get rid of Hesse for years. Maybe they will start turning around.

    1. U see sprint customer service was improving rapidly from 2007-2010. When we hit 2010 with the announcement of the Evo 4G, sprint was still on the up and up. fast forward a 1yr 1/2 later and 3G speeds have plummeted country wide with no improvement on 3G side for another 3yrs, 4G Wimax was not expanding and sprint had given the hint they were switching over to LTE in 2011, thus alienating their customers many of whom still pay a 10 premium data fee till this day with wimax devices… Hesse’s chance to stay in the company and further an upward trend was between 09-10 on that critical decision of sticking with Wimax….

  13. Great news. Maybe Sprint will stop sucking so bad now.

  14. good….good.

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