Report: Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note 4 at IFA Berlin September 3rd



Samsung has traditionally launched each iteration of their Note series at or around IFA Berlin in September, and if the latest report from the Korea Times is to be believed this year will be no different. The company reports that Samsung is looking to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Note on September 3rd. IFA’s official start date is September 5th.

There’s no telling what to expect from the device this early, and if all the missed guesses of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s specs and features were anything to go by we won’t put a ton of stock into whatever rumors may arise. The timing of this report is interesting, though, as the Wall Street Journal reports a Samsung phone with a “new material” is in the works. There’s a possibility they could be referring to the metal-clad Samsung Galaxy Alpha said to be announced next week, but you never know.

One thing we do expect Samsung to do is introduce the 2560 x 1440 AMOLED panels they’ve been working on. We thought we’d get that with the Samsung Galaxy S5, but the displays apparently weren’t ready for prime time (not that the phone needs that much pixel density at 5.1 inches anyway). Recent Samsung teasers also tip us off to the use of infrared-based iris scanners, though there’s no telling if they were hinting at a consumer ready product for a flagship phone.

No matter what may or may not be true, though, history tells us Samsung is going to pull out every last stop that they can (and it’s going to have to be big if they want to avoid another down quarter like they did these past few months). Let us know if you’ll be holding out until September to see what Samsung has to offer.

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Awesome 2k SAmoled Display + Water&Dust Resistance + Fingerprint Scanner + Heart Rate Sensor + New S-Pen Functionality + Spec Bump = YAY!

    1. Not if it comes at the expense of bogging down the phone with unnecessary software. I have the GS3 now, and love it…but fear what happened with the S5 with the Note 4. :/

      1. In the same boat. Wondering what the hell I’ll get to replace my S3 because there are so many great Android devices to choose from. Hoping the Note 4 makes a great impact for Samsung’s and Note lovers’ sakes. Don’t make phones with back covers that look like golf balls, though.

    2. Screw the fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor. If you actually like those things your mobile devices priorities are way off.

      1. They’re a welcome addition in my book. Even more so as they start opening up the APIs and allowing developers to take advantage of them

      2. Those are actually nice things to add. It allows you to carry less things in your pocket.

        The moment a cell phone added a camera, it became more than just a device to talk on the go.

  2. Report: Rob Jackson to buy Galaxy Note 4 ASAP

    1. Update: Galaxy Note 4 to have screen larger than Rob’s brain.

  3. What’s the point of the Note now that the Galaxy S became a phablet?

    1. s-pen

      1. Early reports are no s-pen on the Note 4 … but rumors are rumors… guess we’ll know in a few weeks.

        1. Why would there be no S-Pen in the Galaxy NOTE series?
          That’s the difference between the Galaxy S & Note Series!
          I understand what you’re getting at, but somethings should just go unsaid.

    2. The note is bigger.

  4. “not that the phone needs that much pixel density at 5.1 inches anyway”

    You’d be more clear if you just stated what your ppi limit is where you think any more is pointless. Note that 5.1 to 5.7 is 12%, 1920 to 2560 is 33%, so if the current S5 is your limit, then the Note 4 (if 5.7″) will be overspecced. I see reviews where people love the G3 display at 538 ppi. Is your limit under or over that? I would say 600 ppi is probably still discernible by many and at 5.1 the 2560 display is around 580 ppi.

  5. Loved the Note 2 love the note 3 and will probably love the note 4

  6. I’m interested to see what the Note 4 offers. I’m probably going to wait until I see how this Shamu phone pans out before I make my decision to ditch my Note 3.

    1. Shamu phone. Bahaha, laughed when I first read your comment using that term.

  7. Yes had the s3, s4, note 3. Have the s5 right now. I will be getting the note 4!!!

  8. This is out of content, but anyone want a one plus invite? I got one left and I don’t want it to go to waste.

    1. Yes, please and thanks.

      1. can you be able to pm me? I dunno how disqus works :P

          1. enjoy!! :)

  9. i love my Note 3 but after my last update it kind of slowed my beast down. Especially when using the camera. So i hope the Note 4 has a lot to offer. if not i might just have to try out the LG G3.

  10. Past on the One plus One , Past onthe M8, past on the LG 3 , as a Note 3 owner i find it to be the best phone I’ve ever owned, so yes I’m holding out , definitely hoping for 805 , 420 soc…… and there’s always a few surpises with the Note series , but it better get here soon , because my OCD tendencies with cell phones is in full swing , I’ve actually been able to sell some older phones and tablets so I can purchase the LG G3, but I’ll have to keep my addictions under wraps for one more month, I just hope it’s worth the wait , because my pockets are on fire…………lol

    1. Hey man, I feel you. I am about to NEXT my wife’s phone for a G3 just for curiosity. But definitely will be holding off for the N4. As a N3 owner I can’t agree with you more, the best phone I’ve ever owned.

  11. This is all that matters.Have the Note 3 and love it . definitely will be getting the Note 4

  12. Give me 2K display, 32GB, Sanp Dragon 805, IPS68, finger print reader, 3GB RAM and a 5,9″ screen (in a body the same size or smaller than the note 3) and I’ll happily buy it on day one.

  13. Love my Note3, but I’ll probably be passing on the Note4 in favor of either the next Nexus “Shamu” phablet (if the rumors are true), or the LG G4 if not.

    In finally leaving Samsung (after 3 phones), I’ll miss high-contrast AMOLED most, but I won’t miss the waste-of-bezel home buttons, the mostly-useless SPEN, and especially not Touchwhiz (so I don’t HAVE to root + CM).

    Also, DONOTWANT a “premium-feel” metal phone with its many drawbacks, because plastic’s objectively better on multiple counts, and goes inside a plastic case 9 out of 10 times anyway(!).

  14. I can’t wait! The Note series never disappoints. 2k screen, 3GB of ram, IP67, OIS, and added S Pen functionality is a win already. I’m sure they’ll have a few more surprises. I use my S Pen all the time for writing down confirmation numbers, tracking numbers, short grocery list, ideas, ect.

  15. I have the Note 3 but I don’t know if I’m getting the 4 yet. Kitkat did a number on the Note 3 and I don’t know if I’m up to Sammy’s unoptimized ui again. Loved JB on the Note 3 but hate Kitkat.

    1. Absolutely agree with you on that

  16. Anybody knows if LG will launch a Gpro3? If yes, when?
    thanks in advance.

    1. I mean, I want to know my options of big and high end phones.
      I can buy the LG G3 right now or the Galaxy Note 3 or the OPPO Find 7 or wait for …
      Note 4
      Lenovo k920
      Ascend Mate 3
      Am I forgetting something?
      ps. I am considering only the phones with removable battery.

  17. A waterproof note would be nice. But I’m still not giving up my Note3 until my VZW contract is up and I can jump to AT&T.

  18. Here are the most important features I’ll like to see

    1. 4000mAh battery

    2. 64 and 128gb internal storage on day one

    3. Very thin and much light and better esthetically pleasing design (don’t care what materials are used)

    4. Fix all the freaking software lag in the UI, S Note, gallery, camera, etc

    5. Get rid of the heart rate monitor. Any smartphone can already do that with an app.

    6. Tweak every feature to work consistently, if not, don’t include those features

    7. 20MP camera with OIS

    8. International unlocked version with every LTE radio onboard so that it works on every network.

    9. Unmatched sunlight visibility

    10. Much improved speaks

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