Jul 31st, 2014


Samsung has traditionally launched each iteration of their Note series at or around IFA Berlin in September, and if the latest report from the Korea Times is to be believed this year will be no different. The company reports that Samsung is looking to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Note on September 3rd. IFA’s official start date is September 5th.

There’s no telling what to expect from the device this early, and if all the missed guesses of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s specs and features were anything to go by we won’t put a ton of stock into whatever rumors may arise. The timing of this report is interesting, though, as the Wall Street Journal reports a Samsung phone with a “new material” is in the works. There’s a possibility they could be referring to the metal-clad Samsung Galaxy Alpha said to be announced next week, but you never know.

One thing we do expect Samsung to do is introduce the 2560 x 1440 AMOLED panels they’ve been working on. We thought we’d get that with the Samsung Galaxy S5, but the displays apparently weren’t ready for prime time (not that the phone needs that much Pixel density at 5.1 inches anyway). Recent Samsung teasers also tip us off to the use of infrared-based iris scanners, though there’s no telling if they were hinting at a consumer ready product for a flagship phone.

No matter what may or may not be true, though, history tells us Samsung is going to pull out every last stop that they can (and it’s going to have to be big if they want to avoid another down quarter like they did these past few months). Let us know if you’ll be holding out until September to see what Samsung has to offer.

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