Aug 4th, 2014

Flappy Birds Family

Last week we found that a version of Flappy Bird by Dot Gears had been uploaded to Amazon’s Appstore. It went by the name of “Flappy Birds Family,” though it was only available for download if you own an Amazon Fire TV. Now we know why — the game has made its exclusive debut for the TV platform as announced by Amazon this morning. That means not even Amazon Kindle Fire tablet owners

Flappy Birds Family is a pretty faithful copy of the original mobile game that took the world by storm before its disappearance, except now you can play from the comfort of your couch using Amazon’s gaming controller or the included remote control. The game doesn’t feature any new features or gameplay elements over the original, so we imagine the whole “Family” thing is to reflect how easy it is to play with your family instead of having to huddle around a smartphone or tablet (not that Flappy Bird is our first choice for family fun, but we’ll go with it).


Amazon also announced a few new apps that should please a wide crowd of folks. Watch Disney and Watch Disney Jr are both on board, as well as the WWE Network, MLB.TV and Animal Planet Live. On the way by the end of this year are the following:

  • WATCH ABC Family
  • NFL Now
  • A&E
  • Lifetime
  • Outside TV
  • Young Hollywood
  • North Face TV
  • Fashion TV
  • Green TV
  • Dailymotion

Sounds like you won’t have any problem finding something you like if you opt into the Fire TV bandwagon. Let us know if you’re looking forward to one of these as a Fire TV owner (and if you’ll be picking one up if you don’t have one already).

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