Jul 31st, 2014

John Legere

We’d heard T-Mobile wouldn’t be able to match the 2.1 million customer additions they pulled off in the first quarter of this year, but that the company still performed at a pretty high level in the quarter to follow. The news was made official today, with T-Mobile reporting an impressive net addition of 1.5 million customers in Q2 2014.

This is T-Mobile’s 5th consecutive quarter adding more than 1 million customers which is a testament to their Uncarrier strategy that has made leaving your carrier for Magenta awfully tempting. With that obviously comes with some nice increase in revenue — 8% growth for total revenue and 7.1% growth for service revenue year-over-year.

T-Mobile also took this time to remind folks that they cover more than 233 million people in 325 markets and that — as of tomorrow — are the first carrier to provide nationwide VoLTE for clearer and more reliable calls. They’re also ramping up efforts to roll out service on the 700MHz A-Block spectrum that should bring improved performance for anyone lucky enough to be in one of those markets with a compatible smartphone.

As happy as we imagine T-Mobile is about this performance, Sprint could be just as happy. If rumors are to be believed, they’re getting ready to engulf T-Mobile should a $32 billion bid for the company passes the anti-trust regulators.

This “golden age,” of sorts, for T-Mobile is quite the perfect timing for Sprint, though if previous attempts for one of the top four companies to acquire T-Mobile are anything to go by we won’t be holding our breath. Should it not go through? Hey, at least T-Mobile is growing again, and if the others aren’t careful they could eventually catch enough momentum to make a significant rise in the ranks.

[via T-Mobile]