T-Mobile posts another strong quarter with 1.5 million customers; announces Nationwide VoLTE


John Legere

We’d heard T-Mobile wouldn’t be able to match the 2.1 million customer additions they pulled off in the first quarter of this year, but that the company still performed at a pretty high level in the quarter to follow. The news was made official today, with T-Mobile reporting an impressive net addition of 1.5 million customers in Q2 2014.

This is T-Mobile’s 5th consecutive quarter adding more than 1 million customers which is a testament to their Uncarrier strategy that has made leaving your carrier for Magenta awfully tempting. With that obviously comes with some nice increase in revenue — 8% growth for total revenue and 7.1% growth for service revenue year-over-year.

T-Mobile also took this time to remind folks that they cover more than 233 million people in 325 markets and that — as of tomorrow — are the first carrier to provide nationwide VoLTE for clearer and more reliable calls. They’re also ramping up efforts to roll out service on the 700MHz A-Block spectrum that should bring improved performance for anyone lucky enough to be in one of those markets with a compatible smartphone.

As happy as we imagine T-Mobile is about this performance, Sprint could be just as happy. If rumors are to be believed, they’re getting ready to engulf T-Mobile should a $32 billion bid for the company passes the anti-trust regulators.

This “golden age,” of sorts, for T-Mobile is quite the perfect timing for Sprint, though if previous attempts for one of the top four companies to acquire T-Mobile are anything to go by we won’t be holding our breath. Should it not go through? Hey, at least T-Mobile is growing again, and if the others aren’t careful they could eventually catch enough momentum to make a significant rise in the ranks.

[via T-Mobile]

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  1. Ah!! This may be crazy, but what if Tmo knows they will acquire just enough subscribers to the point where Sprint purchasing them will not be fair for other markets and Tmo gets that extra little money?


    1. If Sprint and T-Mobile do merge they more than likely will keep the Sprint name due to the momentum T-Mobile has built up and Legure WILL be the CEO not Hesse, Legure is more in touch with the customer base.

      1. I Meant they will keep the T-Mobile name, God knows they won’t keep Sprints name as it’s associated with failure.

        1. FYI, you can edit your posts :)

  2. I for one hope the merger is DEAD ON ARRIVAL! Sprint is a deceased horse that needs to die!

    1. brute….I like it!

    2. Well, SOMEONE is going to have to absorb their subscriber base and I sure as hell hope that the Death Star with the exhaust vent covered up (AT&T) and pre-Voyager Borg (Verizon) don’t get them.

      1. Well you’re right on my point of letting the merger die. Ultimately the deal fails, t mobile gets billions in cash and spectrum from Softbank/Sprint, and The Great Magenta continues racking up post paid customers! Obviously Sprint customers have been fleeing to T Mo already. I’m sure the bulk of them certainly wouldn’t choose Verizon or at&t, they haven’t been thus far.

    3. Well, if the merger does fall through, someone’s going to have to pay T-Mob a nice chunk of change

      1. Exactly my point my friend. A merger without the merger. Breakup fees + spectrum and inevitably the sprint customers who are sure to come to T Mobile.

      2. Very true. Although just today it was announced that a french company just put in a bid for 56% of tmobile. Its going to get interesting

  3. Kudos Magenta!!

  4. Really hoping the Nexus 5 gets an update to support the A-block.

    1. Our N5s don’t have the frequency support 700mhz on LTE, though VoLTE is a possibility, with a small update from el Goog.

      1. I was hoping with a baseband update they could enable it but if not then looks like I’ll be shopping for the next nexus or Moto X+1 when the time comes.

        1. To date no phone has had a baseband update that has enabled frequencies that weren’t part of the original spec. Verizon phones updated to enable AWS already supported AWS, but disabled in firmware because Verizon didn’t use AWS and didn’t want people buying their phones and using on other carriers (AWS LTE phones can be used on Bell and T-Mobile).

  5. Wow, if the merger get’s delayed or doesn’t come through altogether, T-Mobile can easily surpass Sprint’s number of subscribers (53.6 Million for Sprint to 49.1 Million to T-Mobile) a testament to their marketing strategy and business model.

    Switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and cannot be happier and now, with Verizon set to use the throttle hammer on what remains of their unlimited data subscribers, I feel even better now that I left instead of having to pay full price for a phone to keep unlimited data along with their insufferable cost of postpaid plans. Wanna watch a few episodes of your fav show when WiFi isn’t around on Netflix? Good luck with that after they throttle you at a measly 4.7GB of usage.

    1. I just switched from Verizon too and I couldn’t be happier. I only wish I had made the transition sooner.

    2. I jumped with 3 phones from Sprint to T-Mo…and ended up with a Tablet through them that i would not have done with sprint.

  6. Please go away sprint. Only thing I can hope is T-Mobiles management takes over.

  7. T-Mob is like PacMan gobbling up all of the displeased customers from the other carriers


  8. I left Sprint to T-Mobile for a reason. If Sprint consumes them they better keep T-Mobile’s management and give all the Sprint morons the boot.

  9. These numbers should be proof to regulators that the industry needs more competition, not less. I’m a former Verizon customer that is now a happy T-Mobile customer with an extra $1K+ annually staying in my pocket.

    1. Sprint needs to leave them alone.

      1. Sprint needs to sprint right off a cliff.

  10. Great for Tmo. They actually have plans that make sense and are are affordable. They just need to include Google Music in their free streaming program, not be engulfed by Sprint, and I’ll be completely satisfied.

    1. They do include google all access music currently but aren’t advertising it too much. i called them on it and they did something to make it so my all access wasn’t using my data.

      1. Is it just the all access or does it not count of you just have the free account as well?

  11. sprint just lost 180,000 customers while t mobile gained customers. this is why they want to buy t mobile, to eliminate that competition. T mobile is taking their customers away and they want that competition stopped.This should be rejected if they try and buy t mobile. people who say softbank is good need to go take a look and read about japans wireless industry. It is worse than the US in terms of competition. Even if lagere were to run things it would be down to 3 carriers and less competition. It will be easier for the carriers to collude and keep prices artificially high. Tmobile is there shaking things up with all their offers and plans. The other carriers are trying to follow suit now cause of that competition. If tmo is gone and it is down to 3 carriers and no carrier there to shake things up like tmo you can bet the carriers will get worse instead of trying to compete. Less competition has never ever led to anything better for the consumer. NEVER has and never will. Pure BS . stay away sprint!

  12. one more thing with people who say “well if lagere stays in charge ok”.. It doesn’t matter! less competition will never give you better prices ever! It doesn’t work that way! You should not be ok with a buy out either way if you like the competition going on now. Sooner or later softbank will see they will not be losing customers because they would get tmo customers and put a stop to lagere price offerings. They will want to recoup some money back fast. the offers going on now would go away sooner than you think.

    read up about softbank. here is a little snippet from japans own regulators.

    “So it must be galling to hear regulators in Tokyo chide his SoftBank Corp, along with NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s mobile industry leader, and No.2 KDDI Corp, for lack of competition in the domestic smartphone market.

    “You could say the mobile market is an oligopoly of the three big companies,” Communications Minister Yoshitaka Shindo said at a regular news conference this month.”

    “SoftBank used to be a competition driver,” said a communications ministry official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “But now it’s completely spoiled by the three-company oligopoly.”

    lets hope we don’t only get a “big 3” here in the states

  13. So the next question is: What phones will work with their VoLTE? I know Nexus 5 is supposed to be possible to do this but does the software and sim allow it? A whole list of compatible phones would be nice(including unlocked non t-mobile issued phones).

    1. The Nexus 5 does not currently support VoLTE on any carrier. In terms of hardware, a large portion of current LTE devices have the hardware to do it. What they need is a software update to support the codec(s) and VoLTE method used by each carrier (as not all carriers are using the same exact standard). So it’s possible that we’ll see some unlocked Android devices support it this year, but it will not be for every carrier that has adopted VoLTE.

      Because AOSP does not yet currently support VoLTE, devices that currently have no announced support include Nexus devices, GPE devices, and Motorola’s recent devices. And even whenw e do finally get VoLTE support, there will be a lot of capable devices not getting the software update to support it due to the phone manufacturer’s “update window” having lapsed for that device.

      Bottom line is that I’ve already accepted the fact that it will likely be my next phone that supports VoLTE and not my current phone due to the above.

      1. Thanks for sharing that information! I’ll probably wait for my next phone as well. I’m assuming that all phones will support VoLTE in the future, but could the VoLTE be more like WiFi calling and the carriers requiring you to use their approved issued phone.

        1. As of now each carrier will have their own implementation of voice over LTE, but it’s not as drastic as Wi-Fi calling. VoLTE should see quicker and more widespread adoption by OEMs.

      2. Is there any tech-related topic that you don’t have a book’s worth of knowledge on to type out. You’re basically a half-sentient encyclopedia based on your comment style and word usage.

        1. I’m a virgin.

  14. Well, sprint better get in line. A company from france just put in a bid to buy 56% of T-Mobile so things are going to get very interesting!

  15. Shouldn’t the wording be SOFTBANK acquiring T-Mobile? Sprint is not actually the ones acquiring T-Mo…. and if rumours are to be believed, T-Mobile leadership would be at the helm of the new TS-Mobile company.

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