Oculus Rift teardown reveals a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display stuffed inside


oculus rift teardown 2

Well, isn’t that interesting. The last thing we expected to see as we made our way through iFixIt’s Oculus Rift teardown was a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display panels stuffed inside. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that allows folks to experience video games and other applications in a different dimension. It can make you feel as if you’re in the game yourself. Just check out this hilarious video below of a guy on a virtual rollercoaster being taken aback by the realism.

oculus rift teardown

We knew the Oculus Rift would be using a 1080p panel, but to see that it’s the exact panel used in one of Samsung’s flagship smartphones is quite interesting. Let’s not even mention the fact that the device even uses the very same front panel, holes for cameras, sensors and the home button, and all. It’s unorthodox for sure, but considering how beautiful the Galaxy Note 3’s display is (as we attested to in our review) we’re not sure we’d prefer any other option. The full teardown is right here if you want to check it out yourself.

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  1. So it is exactly the same as the Google I/O Cardboard VR -___-

    1. with an extra 1000 Hz motion sensor (with phones having around 50-100 Hz)

      1. Around 350$ for Oculus Rift…. Less than 20$ in part’s to assemble Cardboard VR. Hmmmmm

        1. But is it possible to use it with the PC games that the oculus rift works with?

          1. Give it some time and we will see

          2. I’d be really interested if it could.

  2. Is this a joke?….

  3. Does Oculus provide stereo (3D) image, or it’s just flat as a regular screen?

    1. Each eye sees its own part of the screen. The 3D effect is virtual, a result of the difference in what the different eyes see. It’s the same as the old View Master, only it is HD and moving. (I’m guessing…)

  4. Well that is very interesting. Though not surprising as it’s massive enough and is an off-the-shelf part.

  5. This isn’t that weird considering the Oculus Rift hasn’t hit consumer release just yet. I’d be surprised if it remained the same for the final product.

  6. I find it funny that they even left the holes cut and everything. I’m guessing at the Galaxy Note 3 Display Panel factory, they have people working a bit more to produce some displays for Oculus.

  7. While these models are only for developer and testers the actual final Oculus Rift consumer display will be over 100hz.

  8. isn’t the note 3 screen pentile?
    that close to your eyes you’re better off with a standard RGB layout(or the rgB layout used in the note 2)

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