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There’s been much ado made over the oft leaked Samsung Galaxy Alpha, an upcoming smartphone that could finally see Samsung’s departure from polycarbonate, in favor of cold hard aluminum. Well, that’s the idea anyway. It seems we learn more about the phone with each passing week, and today is no different. Once again the folks at SamMobile are claiming the scoop, receiving word of the device’s expected announcement when all the rumors will finally be laid to rest: Monday, August 4th.

Only a few weeks ahead of the rumored Galaxy Note 4 unveiling in September, that’s the date Samsung will reportedly make the Galaxy Alpha official, revealing everything we likely already know about the upcoming smartphone. What can we expect? In Samsung’s ongoing effort to blanket the market with as many possible options and hardware configurations (you know, see what sticks), the Galaxy Alpha will feature a blend of mid-range and high-end specs — lower than a Galaxy S5, but higher than the Galaxy S5 Mini.

With that comes a 4.7-inch 720p display, 32GB of internal storage (no micro SD expansion) and a fingerprint scanner. Wrap the device in aluminum and you have the premium Galaxy handset you’ve always wanted, right? Okay, so the device’s lust-worthiness remains to be seen. Something tells us Samsung wont lose any sleep over the success of this phone, they’ll simply release a refreshed model in a couple of months anyway.

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