Sprint brings 4G LTE to 17 new markets across the US, did your city make the cut?



After introducing their customers to 4G LTE back in 2012, Sprint is finally making some headway across the US. Back in June, we told you guys about 28 new markets receiving high-speed 4G LTE and today, Sprint’s ongoing 4G LTE list has been updated with an additional 17 brand new cities. Here are the new markets for the month of July:

  • Auburn, N.Y.
  • Bethesda, Md.
  • Bloomsburg/Berwick, Pa.
  • Buffalo, N.Y.
  • Danville, Ill.
  • Dubuque, Iowa
  • Eau Claire, Wis.
  • EurekaArcata/Fortuna, Calif.
  • Hattiesburg, Miss.
  • Hopkinsville, Ky.
  • Indiana, Pa.
  • Marion/Herrin,  Ill.
  • Mt. Vernon, Ill.
  • Pittsburgh
  • Redding, Calif.
  • Rochester, Minn.
  • Utica, N.Y.

Keep in mind this has nothing to do with Sprint Spark (currently deployed in 24 cities across the US), the carrier’s high-speed tri-band network comprised of their 800MHz, 1.9GHz and 2.5GHz spectrum and capable of 100Mbps download speeds (although currently hitting around 60Mbps).

For a full list of the 491 cities Sprint has launched their 4G LTE network, check out their newly updated page here.

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  1. Sprint could be a better carrier if they would have NOT sunk the resources into the WiMax and would have just went with LTE to begin with

    1. LTE was not a thing at the time. The government mandated Sprint use the spectrum before LTE had been developed. WiMax was the only high speed option.

      1. Where were you? Verizon started their LTE rollout as Sprint opted for WiMax

        1. No they didn’t. They were still developing their LTE network while WiMax was already in place with Clearwire. Verizon was months behind Sprint with the rollout of a “4G” network.

        2. WiMax on sprint came before LTE. Sprint eve had WiMax on their original Galaxy S variant (My roommate had one in college). Verizon hadn’t even started their LTE rollout and the Thunderbolt was a ways away. The reason why it feels like it was the same time was that Sprint rolled WiMax out to a bunch of weird areas first and didn’t get to many major metro areas until Verizon was rolling out its LTE already. Essentially, Verizon hit the big areas with LTE at the same time as sprint sort of sputtered into those big cities with WiMax. It was a bad plan on the part of Sprint.

          Also, it was more a weird plan on Clearwire’s part. Sprint didn’t really own its own 4G until later.

        3. Wrong.

        4. Do some more research. Verizon started their LTE rollout like 2 years after sprint launched its first WiMax market.

          1. First device for Sprint was the EVO 4G, landed in June of ’10 and Verizon got the Thunderbolt in March of ‘1… I’m not seeing the 2 year difference. Maybe my math is off

    2. I still never got Wimax in my area, I played that $10 “4G Data” all those years for nothing.

      1. I got that shaft too. Then they changed their tune about that $10

    3. Anyone can be a monday morning quarterback. Looking back any one of us can say that but at that time they took a gamble and it simply didn’t pay off.

      1. Sprint new that all the other carriers were going to LTE. Sprint chose to go the east WiMax route so they could say they were the first. That has always been the issue with Sprint. They always implement something but they have the worst follow through of any company I have ever seen.

        They have great ideas, just poor implementation. They should have waited and went with LTE and they would not be in the boat they are in now. They were telling me LTE was coming in my area any month now, the 2nd largest city in MD for 3 years. They haven’t even started in my area yet.

        They lie.

    4. Except then they/Clearwire would not have been able to keep a massive amount of valuable spectrum that they now still have. How exactly were they suppose to roll out LTE before the equipment was available for it?

      1. Verizon was testing their LTE before December of ’10 and Sprint had theirs out with the EVO 4G in June of the same year

        1. Sprint had WiMax back in 2008.

          1. That’s funny, you would never know because the EVO 4G was their first phone with WiMax

          2. It was embedded in laptops and device cards IIRC. Either way, WiMax was available to Sprint Customers two years before the December 2010 date you mentioned.

            LTE was not an option for Sprint when they were forced to make a decision.

  2. You couldn’t pay me to ever go to Sprint again. Worst company ever, well, 2nd worst. Comcast is the worst.

    1. Same here. Network is completely horrible.

    2. I recently switched from sprint to At&t (3 weeks now). Its refreshing to actually have working data on the network.

      1. Postpaid or prepaid?

  3. Still no LTE here. T-Mobile’s latest offer is damn tempting.

  4. Sweet! Still no improvements in VA. This could be why I’m switching

  5. They finally made it official! We’ve had LTE, but not officially. 800 is part of spark? Seems that the same tower i get my LTE from has 800 for 1x, good sign for spark coming maybe? Though considering it took this long, spark is probably a long way off. I’m completely happy with LTE here, 20+ locally, and seen 45+ on spark.

  6. Why don’t they have it so that there’s only one strong more powerful tower that works for a good 200-300 miles or something. And it also has to be high in the sky so that you have a lot less dead zones.
    Why did they make it so it’s small towers all around cities, instead of just one big one for each. Wouldn’t that be better? Would that even be possible?

    1. No, it wouldn’t.

  7. Waiting on the Note 4, I’m leaving Sprint for either T Mobile or AT&T

  8. I’ve been waiting 3 years and nothing. Go to hell Sprint.

  9. Wow, still no LTE in Frederick, MD when a city such as Utica, NY gets LTE…WTF??? I truly don’t get it, not for the life of me I just don’t get it. The plan was to roll out LTE in Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick market and that was damn near 2 years go when it was announced it’d be coming in the ‘coming months’…lol. Yeah, I will be leaving Sprint.

  10. I don’t think covering 1/8 of a city constitutes as bringing service to that location.

  11. Wow sux for sprint customers. I remember my Galaxy S 1, the “samsung epic” was my first 4g phone, was “wimax” when wimax and lte were competing. Almost 5 years ago and sprint is just now rolling out LTE? Is why I pay a few more nickels to stick with Verizon. Had rock solid LTE for years now.

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