Which U.S. cities have the best 4G download speeds?


The United States is so large that 4G speeds across the nation vary substantially depending on where you’re testing, but it’s no surprise that 4G speeds across cities differ wildly, too. In a new test performed in 35 major metropolitan areas around the United States from July to September, Open Signal was able to determine that Minneapolis, Minnesota holds the crown for fastest 4G speeds in the US.

The average 4G download connection was measured at 21.5Mbps; that’s twice as fast as the LTE speeds of Las Vegas (11.65Mbps), which was the slowest among the cities tested. Open Signal notes that cities in the Midwest out-performed some of the larger cities, with Detroit, Chicago, and St. Louis all clocking at the top of the charts. In fact, the only non-Midwest city to make the top five was Seattle, Washington. Here’s a quick peek.

35 US Cities Ranked By 4G Download Speed

  1. Minneapolis – 21.5Mbps
  2. Detroit – 20.77Mbps
  3. Seattle – 19.06Mbps
  4. Chicago – 18.19Mbps
  5. St. Louis – 18.08Mbps
  6. Boston – 18.02Mbps
  7. San Francisco – 18.02Mbps
  8. Atlanta – 17.94Mbps
  9. Philadelphia – 17.6Mbps
  10. Indianapolis – 17.49Mbps
  11. Pittsburgh – 17.16Mbps
  12. Portland – 16.91Mbps
  13. San Jose – 16.89Mbps
  14. San Diego – 16.68Mbps
  15. Miami – 16.58Mbps
  16. Sacramento – 16.57Mbps
  17. Kansas City – 16.44Mbps
  18. New York City – 16.68Mbps
  19. Cincinnati – 16.31Mbps
  20. Colombus – 16.13Mbps
  21. Los Angeles – 16.02Mbps
  22. Orlando – 15.91Mbps
  23. Tampa – 15.97Mbps
  24. Baltimore – 15.18Mbps
  25. Washington DC – 14.9Mbps
  26. Nashville – 14.63Mbps
  27. Phoenix – 14.21Mbps
  28. Riverside – 14.2Mbps
  29. Dallas – 14.13Mbps
  30. Houston – 13.89Mbps
  31. Austin – 13.43Mbps
  32. Charlotte – 13.28Mbps
  33. Denver – 13.27Mbps
  34. San Antonio – 12.42Mbps
  35. Las Vegas – 11.65Mbps

According to Open Signal, the national 4G download average is around 13.98Mbps, so 29 out of 35 cities on the list outperformed this standard. However, when compared to the global standard for 4G speeds, 21 out of the 35 cities were below the global download average of 16.6Mbps.
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