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We all figured it’d be happening, but in case you were unsure Telltale Games made the news official at the San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend: The Walking Dead Season 3 is coming. If you’re not sure what The Walking Dead is, it’s an episodic game series based on a comic book that follows the story of a group of rugged survivors trying to make their way through a horrific zombie outbreak. There’s also a live action television show loosely based on the comic books.

Much of the game is told from the perspective of Clementine, the little girl whom one of the main characters encounters in the first season. I won’t say much more, because if you know Walking Dead games you know it hinges on story more than anything else.

I’ll just say it’s an absolutely riveting series of games that throw some very tough choices and decisions your way. Be sure to check out Season 1 on Android, as well as all of the episodes of Season 2 that have dropped so far. Considering we aren’t finished with Season 2 just yet (we’re on episode 4 and there are usually 5 episodes per season) and that episodes usually drop 6-8 weeks apart, we wouldn’t expect Season 3 to land until sometime next year.

[via IGN]

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  1. Hopefully they bring it to Android on the launch date. I’m not a fan of waiting.

  2. I deleted game after completing first one and now I will have to start over , darn.

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