Did Google just post an image of the rumored Nexus 9? [UPDATE]


TwG_SummerTrends_Google Nexus 9

When it comes to an upcoming product launch, it’s not too uncommon for big companies to slip up and let the cat out of the bag ahead of time. Tales of a rumored Nexus 9 (or Nexus 8) tablet have been floating around the net for many months now, building up hype with every passing “leak.”

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise then to find a newly published photo by the folks at Think with Google — Google’s own site for tracking current trends — is causing some stir around the net. The image, posted in Think with Google’s latest blog post (and on Google+), shows a rather nondescript tablet sporting a very un-Android aspect ratio. Given rumors that the upcoming Nexus 9 would have a similar form factor, it’s entirely possible the photo of the slab could indeed be legit.

So what do we learn from the photo? Well, not anything. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us to find this is merely a quick mockup of an iPad Mini with the entire display/bezel blacked out. Latest Nexus 9 rumors pointed to a device manufactured by HTC that would feature front facing speakers — none of which are pictured here. We think renders of a tablet with front facing speakers on the Google Design site probably hold more weight than this leak.

I mean, you guys remember what happened with that Nexus 8 leak from a few months back, right?

UPDATE: Yup, look like the image is nothing more than a Shutterstock photo. You can find this, and many just like it, right here on their site.

Thanks, Greenbot!


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  1. That’s definitely an Android Silver tablet.

    1. It definitely isn’t.

  2. Awww… that would actually be my perfect tablet.

  3. Looks wide compared to the N7. Did they go 4:3?

  4. 4:3?

  5. Reverse image lookups are built into Chrome.

    In Chrome, right-click on the image -> “Search Google for this image”

  6. Well that clears that up :)

  7. Not really on topic, but kind of: Owner of a N7, N10 and an iPad (3rd gen). When OH WHEN will there be an app like Notability (only iOS) for Android? I know there’s some okay ones on the store… but seriously nothing compares to Notabilities capabilities. I’ve referred lots of friends at school to this app, and many have started using it. I just always hate admitting to the fact that they’d need to use an iPiss to use this amazing app. I will gladly retire my iPad once Notability decides to go Android.

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