From the Forums: Dropped phone in the toilet, personal finance apps, and more



This week’s edition of From the Forums comes with a lesson about properly handling your phone when handling your business in the bathroom. While you wait for the rice to dry out your beloved digital companion, take a few minutes to catch up on everything else that has been going on over at the internet’s largest gathering of like-minded Android enthusiasts. We call it Android Forums. Let’s do this!

Your worst phone disaster stories (and how to deal with a dead device)


It’s a familiar story: user brings home new phone and treats it with kid gloves only to accidentally drop said new phone into [insert body of water]. In this case DungeonMistress managed to lose her beloved Samsung Galaxy Mega to the depths of the toilet bowl. Rice to the rescue? The water damaged device is now on life support and she is hoping some Android Forums user might have some helpful advice. This got us thinking, what are your worst phone disaster stories? Sharing might not do much to resurrect DungeonMistress’ phone, but perhaps your experiences can provide a few tips on coping with early device loss.

Taking better lowlight pictures with the Galaxy S5


Taking photos in lowlight conditions is one of the biggest challenges for the average smartphone camera, and the same applies to powerhouse Android devices like the Galaxy S5. Unsatisfied with nighttime performance and grainy image quality, pasqo83 is wondering how this could be the case for such a highly-praised device. Our suggestion? Check out our guide on how to take better photos with your Android device. He welcomes any thoughts you may have on capturing better photos in poor lighting conditions, as well.

Best personal finance app for Android

money roll

We’re always searching for the best apps around, and so are Android Forums members. This week personal finance is on the mind, and alternatives to Pocket Money are being sought. What are you favorites? Be sure to hop over the thread at Android Forums and share your thoughts.

Is your display draining more battery than normal?

Nexus 5 battery life

How much battery drain is too much battery drain when taking your phone’s display into account? That’s the question andre_scb asks after noticing what appears to be anomalous power drain attributed to his phone’s display even with brightness set at a minimum. The response so far has been quite the opposite, with fellow users instead congratulating him on what looks like pretty good overall battery life. Funny how these things work.

And more…

You learn something new everyday is an understatement when considering the trove of knowledge we call Android Forums. If you haven’t already signed up for an account, we implore you to do so. Who knows, you might even see yourself in next week’s From the Forums.


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