New app lets you control Tesla Model S functions using an Android Wear smartwatch [VIDEO]


Tesla Command for Android Wear

We’re not sure how many of our readers have a brand new Tesla Model S sitting comfortably in their garage (if you do, we hate you), but we’re sure just about everyone will own this modern marvel of engineering (or a similar model) at some point in the near future. For those already saving up, you can now look forward to your Tesla being compatible with the latest Android Wear smartwatches thanks to a brand new app.

Tesla Command for Android Wear is the latest app from Harth Labs Inc., makers of popular apps like the “Naughty by Nature” ebook, and games like “Say What?” on Google Play. Shown off in a video by Android developer Matthew Patience, the app simply taps into the Tesla Model S to enable control of basic car functions via voice commands. While there are only 5 commands currently available — lock/unlock doors, honk horn, and open/close sunroof — the developer does promise more features will be added in the future.

Now, we don’t know about you guys, but we’ve been dreaming about controlling our car by voice since since Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman flick hit theaters. Now if only the developer can find a way to activate the Model S’ shields, we’d be all set for some late night crime fighting.

Download on Google Play: Tesla Command for Android Wear

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  1. I thought Apple is closely working with Tesla. I guess I was wrong.

    1. Telsa is platform agnostic.

  2. Controls the BBQ grill in the Frunk. Can also play Tesla theme song “Burning down the house”.

    Tesla — Thermal energy sets lithium ablaze

    1. Statistically, the Model S catches fire less than ICE vehicles. It is the safest production vehicle EVER tested by NHSTA.

  3. Most requested feature in Tesla App : Dont catch fire button.

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