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For Korea’s big smartphone manufacturers, it seems the best isn’t always good enough. Just as Samsung quickly offered an upgraded LTE-A variant of their Galaxy S5 in the region, it appears LG is ready to take a similar tack. Appearing via LG Best Mall is an advertisement for the G3 Cat. 6, a rumored device that has previously been referred to as the G3 Prime.

The Cat. 6 name refers to the phone’s faster LTE speeds and hints at the sort of changes we can expected between the new model and the G3 already on sale. As it stands, the currently available LG G3 runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 platform, a chipset that maxes out at Cat. 4 LTE. The Snapdragon 805, on the other hand, is more than capable of tapping into Cat. 6 LTE, and makes sense as the processor we will see in this LTE-A edition of the phone.

Otherwise expect a pretty similar compliment of hardware in a package that is practically identical to the original G3. This includes a beautiful QuadHD display measuring 5.5 inches, 13MP camera with laser autofocus, and simplified user experience.

LG has yet to officially announce this latest edition of the G3, so the advertisement itself is a bit of an anomaly. When the G3 Cat. 6 (or G3 Prime) does launch, don’t expect to see it outside of South Korea.


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  1. I was really hoping that the G3 would have been released with the 805. Oh well…

  2. Not liking this trend of manufactures releasing “better” versions of phones after the main flagship

    1. i dont mind it if its 6 months later, and its a common trend so you know its coming. Just don’t like surprises 4 weeks later after a launch.

    2. None of these will ever see US soil – or heck, likely anything outside of Korea.

      1. Every year you will make the same status to different people. It’s okay.

    3. it’s the return of the og motorola razr to razr maxx fiasco

  3. Slowly returns G3 “standard”

  4. Its most likely only for Korea so don’t get butt hurt people

  5. Damn LG do you have to copy everything Samsung does?

  6. good for korea

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