Jul 11th, 2014


The Android 4.4.4 rollout has started in earnest for Motorola devices, according a post on the company’s blog. Phones across the globe should start to see the over-the-air update arrive in the coming days. Devices seeing the update at present include the Moto G in India and Brazil; the Moto E in Brazil, France, Canada, and Asia Pacific; and the Droid Ultra in the United States.

The upgrade delivers “all of the goodies of 4.4.3,” which includes a new dialer, pause during video playback, and enhanced camera quality. Users can also expect enhanced OpenSSL security.

Motorola doesn’t provide any details about future upgrade plans or when devices like the Moto X can expect to see an upgrade to 4.4.4 in all regions. The status of individual handsets can be checked by navigating to Moto’s software updates page.

In other news, Moto product manager Mark Rose will be participating in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) over at Google+ on Thursday, July 17th at 2PM CT. Rose is a lead for Motorola’s Quick Capture as well as Motorola Assist.