Motorola confirms Android 4.4.4 rollout for devices including Droid Ultra



The Android 4.4.4 rollout has started in earnest for Motorola devices, according a post on the company’s blog. Phones across the globe should start to see the over-the-air update arrive in the coming days. Devices seeing the update at present include the Moto G in India and Brazil; the Moto E in Brazil, France, Canada, and Asia Pacific; and the Droid Ultra in the United States.

The upgrade delivers “all of the goodies of 4.4.3,” which includes a new dialer, pause during video playback, and enhanced camera quality. Users can also expect enhanced OpenSSL security.

Motorola doesn’t provide any details about future upgrade plans or when devices like the Moto X can expect to see an upgrade to 4.4.4 in all regions. The status of individual handsets can be checked by navigating to Moto’s software updates page.

In other news, Moto product manager Mark Rose will be participating in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) over at Google+ on Thursday, July 17th at 2PM CT. Rose is a lead for Motorola’s Quick Capture as well as Motorola Assist.


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  1. I thought my Ultra would be updated by Verizon. Am I missing something?

    1. No you not,Once VZW approve it then you are good to go.

      1. I’ll probably have a new phone by then messing with them lol.

        1. Except VZW has already approved it, that’s why it’s rolling out now

          1. I didn’t get that from the title. What I took from it was Motorola was sending it out to us Ultra users. I thought that was odd seeing as how VZW usually handle that. Either way, I’m glad to be finally getting it. For a moment I thought the X and Ultra was essentially the same phone. So when the X got updated, the Ultra would be updated as well.

          2. Yeah, the ota updates always come from Motorola’s servers, but they need to be approved by vzw first. So it is coming from Motorola, but vzw already approved it. IIRC, the approval takes place before even a soak test is authorized

          3. Cool, thanks for the info. I was a little confused at first.

  2. Still waiting for an update on my Moto X from 4.4.2 (Rogers Wireless)

    1. Figured you guys would have it fast like DE moto x, then again mine is a DE and its still on 4.4.3

  3. This is soak test!

    1. Not a soak test. I am downloading right now. It was a nice surprise.

  4. I am running the 4.4.4 soak test on my Droid Maxx and the dialer hasn’t changed from 4.4. You do get the updated camera quality, ISIS is updated & patches. I did get Motorola Alerts a day after the new software installed

  5. My understanding is that they’re specifically targeting regions/devices that never got 4.4.3 first. While the 4.4.4 update lists a lot of changes, they’re mainly changes that were incorporated into 4.4.3, with 4.4.4’s key change being an OpenSSL bug. So aside from that one security fix, there’s no confirmed benefit to 4.4.4 over 4.4.3 even for Moto owners.

    1. The phone is the same as it was, very little noticeable changes. Camera, ISIS (who cares) & security patches. I’m running T-Mobile on my Droid Maxx, pulled the update via wifi. Was very disappointed we didn’t get the new dialer

      1. Weird. I had the Galaxy S4 GPE, and I got the updated KitKat dialer in 4.4, and then got the newer dialer in 4.4.3. I then switched to the Moto X, which promptly updated to 4.4.3 on first bootup. It has this same dialer as my GPE.

        I don’t have you phone so I don’t know if you do or do not have this dialer. I will say that the changes from 4.4.x to 4.4.3 in the dialer are very subtle. Functionality is near identical, there’s just more color to it.

  6. Sooo… Is the 4.4.4 update rolling out ? Or no… I got confused by a few comments about the whole situation;o… how did people get into the soak test was it like a register type thing? Or some people were randomly chose for it

  7. To be noted that, Motorola skipped the 4.4.3 update and directly gave the Moto E 4.4.4 here in India. Also, it’s the first device in India to get the update.

  8. I am from India running 4.4.4 soak test on Moto G. Dialler has changed, pause button for video available, second SIM icon disappears (if second SIM) not inserted and able to install Moto Alert app.

    1. How did you get the new update?

    2. I am using moto g but still there is no new updates getting in my handset so plz suggest me what to do to get the 4.4.4 version.

    1. Thank you Rathi

    2. I am from Indonesia running android 4.4.2 on Moto G. Is it safe to update my moto G to 4.4.4 from this update.

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