Jul 11th, 2014


Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active is designed to take some abuse here and there — water, dropping the device, dirt and dust. It wasn’t designed to be mowed down by a ride-on lawnmower. So, imagine the gut-sinking feeling one owner felt when S4 Active device slipped from his pocket only to be sucked up in the frantically rotating blades of the mower. Surely even a ruggedized device couldn’t withstand that sort of destructive force.

Call it luck or call it a result of the S4 Active’s design, but the phone survived the encounter, as per Reddit. We wouldn’t exactly say it made it through unscathed, however. The brunt of the damage was absorbed by the phone’s display, which all but shattered after making contact with the blades. Still, the damage was only cosmetic. The phone continued to work after the encounter, losing no functionality in the process.

We wouldn’t put money on repeating this little experiment and expecting the same results. Smartphones and lawnmowers are fickle beasts. Yes, the phone survived, but we suspect its owner might be looking for an upgrade to replace that mangled Galaxy S4 Active right about now.

How about you? Ever dropped your phone in the path of a lawnmower? Share your smartphone horror stories in the comments below!

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