Galaxy S4 Active survives run-in with lawnmower, but barely



Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active is designed to take some abuse here and there — water, dropping the device, dirt and dust. It wasn’t designed to be mowed down by a ride-on lawnmower. So, imagine the gut-sinking feeling one owner felt when S4 Active device slipped from his pocket only to be sucked up in the frantically rotating blades of the mower. Surely even a ruggedized device couldn’t withstand that sort of destructive force.

Call it luck or call it a result of the S4 Active’s design, but the phone survived the encounter, as per Reddit. We wouldn’t exactly say it made it through unscathed, however. The brunt of the damage was absorbed by the phone’s display, which all but shattered after making contact with the blades. Still, the damage was only cosmetic. The phone continued to work after the encounter, losing no functionality in the process.

We wouldn’t put money on repeating this little experiment and expecting the same results. Smartphones and lawnmowers are fickle beasts. Yes, the phone survived, but we suspect its owner might be looking for an upgrade to replace that mangled Galaxy S4 Active right about now.

How about you? Ever dropped your phone in the path of a lawnmower? Share your smartphone horror stories in the comments below!

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  1. Lawnmowers are serious business – I’m amazed!

  2. It must have just barely skimmed the top of the phone because if it caught it good it would have disabled the device.

  3. I feel like this is appropriate

    1. This isn’t reddit you neckbeard

      1. I love how you automatically assume that I’m an ugly geek that doesn’t take care of myself simply because I post a picture.

        I would also like to point out 23 people enjoyed it, so I feel like maybe it’s just your time of the month or something.

  4. Before smartphones, I had a wired Motorola that lights up on the sides. Dropped it in a hot tub while someone was calling one night. Kept ringing under water. Took it out. Pulled the battery, let it dry for a few days. Still worked fine after that.

  5. My cousin dropped his LG flip phone into a French fry fryer at the family restaurant we worked at. After retrieving it 30 seconds later with the tongs it worked perfectly. It oozed oil for the next three weeks though.

  6. We can hope he had insurance on the phone…

    Oh and the Grace to You app? Makes this article totally worth it. Best app ever.

  7. This exact thing happened to my Hero back in the day. Accidentally left it on my car when I drove away. Found it the next morning about a mile away near the side of the road by a golf course. The course’s mower ate it and spit most of it back onto the road. Amazingly the screen protector kept the screen in place and the thing powered on. I still have it in a drawer just for the good HTC Hero memories.

  8. What?! Impossible!!! Plastic phones have terrible build quality!!!1

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