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What an exciting time to be alive. Google I/O was like Christmas for Android fans everywhere, summer is in full swing, and this weekend we celebrate the 18th anniversary of Will Smith’s triumphant defeat of extraterrestrial invaders hellbent on conquering earth. Before we get to jiving and imbibing, let’s take a look at what sort of discussion this joyous time has kicked up over at Android Forums, shall we?

Are you buying Android Wear?


The question is straightforward on the surface, but the answer is multifaceted — and we’re not speaking simply of the plentiful custom watch faces Android Wear users will have the option to deploy. It’s easy to buy into Google’s smartwatch platform, but which to actually buy? Do you go with the square form factor of the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live, both currently on sale and shipping next week, or do you hold out for the circular face of the Moto 360? It’s all part of the discussion happening now at Android Forums. If you are considering an Android Wear device, do yourself a favor and check it out now.

Galaxy Tab S or iPad Air?


While it’s hard for Android fans to admit, a tablet with a legitimate shot at going head-to-head with Apple’s iPad has been a long time coming. With the Galaxy Tab S, consumers now have a slightly trickier decision when deciding on their next tablet purchase. Priced identically and offering features like a gorgeous Super AMOLED display, member Chicago64 is wondering whether the Tab S is truly a better buy than the iPad Air. The early responses might surprise you.

The LG G3 launch looms large


We’ve minced no words in declaring the LG G3 the best Android smartphone currently out there, and the excitement is clearly building for the phone’s US launch over at Android Forums. Those in other parts of the world were lucky enough to get their hands on the phone well in advance of us independence-loving Americans, but plenty of folks in the States should soon be able to add their name to the growing list of folks proudly proclaiming “I’ve got mine. For the undecided, the always helpful folks over at AF are offering their earnest opinions on whether or not the G3 is a good buy (spoiler alert: it is).

Is the Galaxy Note 4 a no-brainer for Note 3 owners?


We know next to nothing about the Galaxy Note 4, but at least one Note 3 owner is already beginning to wonder if the upgrade makes sense as their next smartphone purchase. As many Galaxy Note owners are infatuated with their styli and possess phablet inclinations, we can see where this one is headed.

L is for Lava Cake…


Google told us plenty about Android L at Google I/O. What they did not tell us was what dessert (or candy brand, if KitKat is any indication) would come to represent the next version of their mobile platform. We know it starts with L, and the popular consensus is Android Lollipop.  A vigilant Android Forums user has another idea. What if the L stands for Lava Cake?

Summertime is grillin’ time


Hey, did you check you calendar? It’s the Fourth of July, and if you are in the US (or otherwise need an excuse to get drunk and watch things explode) get off your computer right now and get that grill fired up. OK, before you do that you should check out this grill-oriented thread over at Android Forums where users are discussing their favorite tips, tricks, recipes, and stories pertaining to all thing BBQ.

That’s it for this week, folks. Have a great holiday weekend and remember to register for an Android Forums account if you haven’t already. Cheers!

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  1. Lava Cake by a mile.
    The competition would have way too much fun w/lollipop…………

  2. Um, that’s not a lava cake in the easter egg. Its flan (a froyo rival). Not sure why no one else has been mentioning layer cake.

    1. Layer Cake would go nicely with Material Design.

  3. Has anyone read the review of the LG G3 on Anandtech? That site clearly goes into more depth than just about every other mobile review site out there. Their conclusion on the LG G3:

    “Unfortunately, if there is any real flaw in the LG G3, it is the display. The goal of attaining a ~540 PPI has come at immense cost. Relative to the competition, the LG G3 definitely sees a noticeable reduction in battery life, although it’s still firmly above what we’ve seen from 2013 (Snapdragon 600) flagships. Outside of the power trade-off, the display doesn’t get particularly bright for daytime viewing. There are also issues with the saturation compression that causes obviously oversaturated colors in almost every situation. LG has also added significant artificial sharpening to the display image, which causes noticeable artifacting in some situations.”

    The battery life on the G3 also isn’t competitive in certain situations when compared to the G2, either.


    1. Thanks for that I hadn’t seen it.now that’s sort of made a difference to my should I shouldn’t I? Nope I will stick with my Note3 for a bit longer.

    2. This is the exact reason that phone displays should stick to 1080p as the ceiling. We need better battery life over better display resolution.

  4. Layercake

    1. you might be on to something with the whole material design “layers” thing.

  5. L is for Lozenge

  6. I say ditch the desserts and just stick with Android 5.0 L. I think it goes well with the minimalistic style android is going for.

  7. Lifesavers


    Laffy Taffy

  8. Android Limburger stinks!

  9. I am all for Android Lava Cake! Someone needs to tell Google this so they have time to change it if it’s not already Lava Cake now!!!

  10. Low-fat pudding is what Android L is going to be. Android is going to make OEM’s make their bloatware uninstallable and trim the fat off of your devices memory

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