Blek is a puzzler unlike anything you’ve ever played, now available for Android



For every GPU straining, graphically intensive action game out there, it seems smaller game studios have really been thinking outside the box when it comes to games on our mobile devices. One such game is Blek, all new to the Google Play Store. After causing a bit of a sensation on iOS, it’s finally arriving for our Androids.

Blek reviews

Simple yet complex, Blek is more of a puzzler, but one unlike anything you’ve ever played. Players will have to draw lines through colored dots, while avoiding black dots. Lines drawn will be replayed — and repeated — to solve puzzles and although seemingly easy at first, things really start heating up just as you’re getting into the swing of things.

The game has been lauded by countless online game critics and can be downloaded for only $3 on Google Play where it’s already received a 100% 5-star rating (just wait until entitled ART fanboys get wind of it).

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  1. Is this like Monument Valley where you fall in love with the game and then finish it in an afternoon?

    1. I thought the same thing! I was just starting to really enjoy the game and thought the levels would get super difficult and boom! Done! Game Over! Left me disappointed and craving more.

      1. This game, or Monument Valley?

        1. Monument Valley

  2. This has a ton of imitators.

    1. Wrong one… click my link below to the correct one

    2. Yeah, it’s hard to find it without a direct link. Use the Playboard widget.

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