Jun 25th, 2014

Google Fit logo

We were expecting so hear about Google Fit today, and Google did not disappoint. They waited until about two and a half hours into the keynote to do it, but they did do it nonetheless. Google Fit is a platform to organize all of the health and fitness data from various trackers and sensors.

Google Fit is similar to Apple’s Healthkit for iOS. Apps are able to access a users fitness profile with data aggregated from all the fitness services they use. Think of it like Google+ sign in, but for fitness data. Google announced several big name partners that will be integrating Fit into their apps. Adidas, Nike, Runkeeper, Withings, and Basis are the main ones. The software kit for Google Fit will be available to developers in the coming weeks. Android just got a lot healthier.

How many of you use your Android device for tracking fitness and health data? Do you also use a fitness tracker, like a Fitbit, to go along with it? Are you excited about Google Fit?

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