Android for Work to bring KNOX-based security and improved device management for enterprise


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Google sought to make enterprise users happy at their developers’ conference this morning by announcing Android for Work. The first part of it is comprised of security, with Google revealing Samsung to be a major player behind improving Android’s underlying security platform. Google says they’ve made many contributions, including everything they’ve been working on with KNOX in their own Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Beyond that, some new device features have been revealed such as seamless integration of work and personal apps. No longer will you need two different phones, VPN and virtual machines, and more to access your work apps — they can live in harmony on the same device that you do your personal bidding with. It’ll be up to you to decide if you want to make business with pleasure, but it’s a nice choice for those who don’t fancy having to carry multiple devices around.

So when’s the new security platform coming? With Android L to start, whenever that is. Don’t fret, though, as Google says it will eventually be rolled out to all devices with Android 4.0 or higher.

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  1. Wow. This will finally get businesses to take Android more seriously. And what’s in it for Samsung to help Google with this? There must be a hidden agenda.

    The real loser is going to be Blackbery.

    1. Samsung has been after the business space for a while, just look at all their commercials attacking Blackberry and iPhone, touting security, multi tasking, exchange support, etc. Google probably looked at what they were doing, liked it a lot, & are sub contracting them out to handle some of the core OS stuff.

    2. Samsung having KNOX built into every single new Android device on the planet isn’t good enough? That should be enough incentive in itself.

    3. Android for Work is a Knox based system. Knox is a Samsung proprietary software for enterprise users. What’s in it for Samsung to help Google is the fact that without Android, Samsung wouldn’t be where they are right now, in the mobile world. I don’t think they really need an agenda, especially when Google paid for their representation against Apple. Funny thing about Knox is, I work for a big corporation and they didn’t even have me bother with using Knox. It was fine for them to monitor things as needed, having me just use Exchange and calling it a day.

      Blackberry has been going downhill for a long time now. Blackberry should have explored joining Google with Android, but instead decided to stay the course that they were going, thinking things would get better. While Blackberry might not go the way of Palm and completely desolving, I think they missed the boat in joining up with Google.

  2. The only thing I know the knox is used for is to void your warranty if you root your S5.
    And you have to root your S5 if you want to use ESFileServer or any of the other file server apps that allows you to copy files to your SD drive. Maybe you want to copy work files back and forth. Would that be so hard to imagine? Well ya can’t unless you root your phone or connect it via USB to a computer. HOW old school is that.

  3. How about “NO”. I hope this is an option ONLY on consumer devices. Perhaps with a switch that you can volunteer to activate if you must have the extra security for work. There is no conceivable reason that I would want something similar to Knox on my phone.

  4. And what’s in it for Samsung to help Google with this?

  5. I wanted to see this on action but we didn’t get to see it unfortunately

  6. Any software with “Samsung” in it worries me…

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