Alleged Moto X+1 case render leaks with phone inside


Moto X Plus 1 case evleaks

We may have just received our first press render for the upcoming Motorola Moto X+1 — or not. @evleaks has just posted what he believes to be a case for the upcoming Moto X+1, complete with a render of the phone sitting snugly inside. But there’s a few issues we have with this leak…

First, the phone is showing bezel-icious display, complete with a forward facing speaker a la the Motorola Moto E. Now take a look at the back and you’ll noticed a complete absence of the standard LED flash on the back of the device. Sure there are 2 holes, but we’re guessing one is a mic used for video recording and the other is up in the air. It’s entirely possible this case manufacturer simply added the front of the Moto E (either intentionally, or by mistake), but we’re left scratching our heads at this leak.

Here’s to hoping this is just a taste of what’s to coming around the bend in regard to future leaks.

Chris Chavez
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  1. fake. there’s a black notification. There’s no more black notification on KitKat.

    1. Exactly what I just noticed. The case might be legit, but the phone inside likely isnt/

    2. Also, no flash cut-out, and front facing speakers?
      I’m sure its a fake.

    3. The aosp launcher still has black notification and navigation bars. The GEL and many 3rd party launchers don’t.

  2. More like Moto X-1

  3. Also there is no flash in the back…What gives?

    1. major fail on the case if it covers the flash lol

  4. Wow all these questions
    one answer: Dummy phone !
    the screen is a picture and maybe it will have a ring LED around the camera.
    Leave it up to your imagination….

  5. I don’t think it’s even possible for a flagship phone to be without a flash these days.

  6. The bezel around that huge lens IS the flash? The bezels in front can go tho.

  7. Dat bezel!!!!

  8. That’s a Moto E.

  9. Nothing appealing at all

  10. Who needs flash anyways?

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