Jun 23rd, 2014

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It was only a couple of weeks ago that we told you the United Kingdom would finally be treated to a launch of Google Glass, and now that day is finally here. Google has announced that Glass is now available across the pond. You can get in on the fun by buying it for £1,000 from Google Play and the devices are shipping within 1-2 business days.

UK folks will be treated to much of the same extra goodies as those in the US, such as a free shade or frame for folks with prescription eyewear needs. The device is also available in a five different colors: black, red, white, gray and blue.

Google Glass is the first of Google’s exciting trek into the wearables space, and has been tapped as the first product with the potential to reach the mainstream consumer market. We first learned about the smart glasses back at Google I/O in June 2012, , and it was just over half a year later (in February 2013) that the first developers and explorers finally had them in hand.

Glass launched for $1,500 here in the United States but for good reason — that hefty price tag is meant to deter all but the most enthusiastic techies and developers. It also covered the cost of additional frames and accessories, as well as entitlement to any product revisions made before this thing reaches retail.

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The past year and a half has been quite interesting for the platform with many amazing stories showing how Glass can help change not only people’s individual lives, but maybe even the world as a whole. From doctors using Glass to help them record surgeries to firefighters and military personnel using it to help keep people safe, there’s no shortage of early development to help paint a very bright picture for its future.

It’s amazing that all of this has happened well before the platform has reached maturity, and we can only imagine how much sweeter things will be once it’s made available to the general public. With Google adding another crop of developers and enthusiasts from the UK we absolutely expect the scene to explode with new ideas and innovations to add to the already impressive pool.

Want to try one on for size? Google is accepting RSVPs to demo the units if you’re in the area from June 27th through June 28th. Just head here to sign up if you want to give it a go before plopping down an absurd amount of money to be one of the first to be walking around the UK wearing a pair. Let us know if any of you UK folks will be looking to snap one up soon!

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