Kickstarter: StayblCam wants to kill shaky cam footage for cheap [VIDEO]


There aren’t many phones that come with hardware-based optical image stabilization solutions to help take better photos and video without the unfortunate side effects of holding a camera with your hand. Even more troubling is that the phones that do have OIS don’t always produce the most desirable results.

Enter the next best thing. StayblCam is a stabilizer baton that has been custom built to fit any smartphone and most compact cameras with standard tripod screw holes. It features a gyroscope-enabled grip in the center of the pole that you grip with your thumb and index finger to control camera movement and angles.

stayblcam one

You can use your ring and pinky fingers to control the baton for some really advanced movie-level camera panning. The result of the gyroscope grip’s use is smooth cinematography without the nausea-inducing shakiness that typically associates most footage taken with smartphones. The StayblCam’s length can be adjusted in case you need those high-angle shots, and its ability to be used upside down gives you a lot of versatility in the shots you want to take.

So how can you get one? Kickstarter, that’s how. There are just 5 days left on the campaign, and the product is poised to launch as the goal has already been exceeded by more than double. The cheapest backing option to grab one of these as of the time of this writing is $74, though that’s without any additional accessories or perks. Pay a bit more and you’ll be in for GoPro mounts, lens attachments and all sorts of extra goodies that could elevate your smartphone camera game.

stayblecam two

This obviously isn’t a tool that everyone is going to deem necessary, but if you have a desire to improve your smartphone camera footage and have been looking for an inexpensive solution to a widespread problem this is one of the most promising answers. The first units are slated to ship as early as July 14th, though if past Kickstarters are anything to go by we wouldn’t put a heavy amount of stock into that window.

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  1. Now, come up with a way to force people to hold their phones sideways when taking videos and suddenly, I’m a buyer.

    1. It may not be popular opinion, but I’m no longer opposed to it. I’d be willing to bet more people view video online using their phone (portrait mode) than on their desktop (landscape). It only sucks when video sites like YouTube only display in horizontal, leaving black bars.

      Facebook and some other sites actually display video vertically without the black borders which, according to your preference, fixes the problem or adds to it. :P

      1. You’re definitely not wrong, but considering the amount of YouTube videos and links to YouTube videos for references I would be willing to bet that most people view their online videos by way of YouTube. Uploads to FB done from a phone in Portrait mode just get rid of the bars, it does nothing for the ratio. Everything else is coming from a YouTube hot link. Take a look at blogs and news sites too, again, those tipster videos -caught in portrait mode- Makes me want to choke bunnies every time.

      2. It’s not wrong by any sense but why capture precious moments in such a shitty way? Kills me.

    2. Long story short, I was a graduation and literally 10+ people were holding their phones/tables vertical. I nearly had a brain aneurysm.

  2. You know what that thing is going to look like in your luggage right? LOL

  3. just tested my phone, looks like I won’t need this.
    the OIS in my galaxy k zoom is good enough to make intended movements look like they’re done using a mechanical arm.

  4. I would be somewhat interested if they didn’t overuse warp stabilizer in a few of the GoPro Safari shots. Makes me believe they didn’t think the video produced was fully stabilized.

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