Jun 18th, 2014

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LG has been the manufacturers behind the last two Nexus phones, but that trend could soon be coming to a close. Company spokesperson Ken Hong answered whether or not LG has been tapped to create the next Nexus phone. The short answer: no. Well, not to his knowledge, anyway.

“I know at least not yet. Normally, we were informed. This can mean two things. Either I was ignored, or we will not make it (the Nexus)”.

LG is known to bend the truth a bit when it comes to these things. They originally denied being the manufacturer behind the Nexus 5 until, well, they were revealed to be the manufacturer behind the Nexus 5.

But if we’re going based on trends, here’s one thing to remember in all of this: no manufacturer has ever made more than two Nexus phones or tablets, which in turn means there has never been a manufacturer to make more than two consecutive Nexus devices.

We’re not sure if that’s just due to the youth of the line, but it’s something to think about as we try and pinpoint who, exactly, will be responsible for the next device. Of course, it’s also entirely possible that we won’t be seeing another Nexus phone at all — Google is said to be retiring the line in 2015 in favor of Android Silver.

[via PhoneArena]

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