iFixIt teardown shows that the OnePlus One is built quite well


oneplus one teardown

One thing I fear with small, startup manufacturers is that their manufacturing and assembly isn’t quite up to par. I was especially worried by the OnePlus One because the $300 starting price for all the goodness you get makes it hard to believe that some corners weren’t cut.

So what better way to put those fears to rest than with a timely teardown? iFixIt has come to the rescue with that very thing, giving us a look at the device’s innards and scoring the OnePlus One on how easy it is to repair.

The device doesn’t look bad at first glance. In fact, it looks quite well under the hood. It doesn’t seem to have quite the same clean assembly you’d expect from the likes of Samsung, HTC or LG, but if I were an engineer I would not feel bad about the job I’ve done on the OnePlus One.

When it comes down to the repair side of things, iFixIt scores it a 5/10 where 10 is the easiest to repair. Standard, non-proprietary screws and modular components make it fairly easy to get inside, but tricky battery and display replacement sets it back a few notches. Whether that bit of information will be relevant to you down the line remains to be determined, but there it is anyway. You can head to iFixIt’s site for the full teardown.

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  1. I don’t expect to be able to all that simple remove motherboards or displays but why the battery isn’t easy to replace after taking off the back is a mystery to me!

    1. I know! Phones with removable backs and non-removable batteries just seem to be teasing you.

    2. looks like you’ll just need to loosen a few screws to get to the battery

  2. So….is it built quite well to fix? or quite well as far as quality?

    1. Since it has 5/10, he probably means a little bit of both.

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