Verizon Xperia Z2 might not be here until the middle of the next quarter


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There’s plenty of evidence supporting the notion that Verizon will be getting their own variant of the Sony Xperia Z2 in the near future, but if you’re wondering why we have yet to see it after the original model has been out for so long @evleaks may have shed some light. According to them, the reason Verizon’s model is taking so long is because their variant is being hooked up with LTE-Advanced radios (Verizon XLTE) that require more testing and certification.

So when’s it coming? The latest info says the middle of next quarter, which would mean August if said information is accurate. That’s quite a bit of ways away, and it’ll be hard for Sony and Verizon to entice folks as the LG G3 would likely be out by then. That gives the Sony Xperia Z2 three huge 2014 smartphones to compete with (HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5), as well as the always-valiant iPhone 5S.

Verizon will apparently name their model the Sony Sirius Viv and slap it with model number D6503. We’re not sure if there will be any other differences compared to the original Z2, but we imagine Verizon won’t be doing a ton to change things up (save for some oddly-placed logos and a few custom apps). Anyone still looking forward to its arrival?

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  1. I wanted this phone badly several months ago. Now with all the different options with better displays its a no go for me.

  2. Sony makes ugly phones. Never even gave this phone a thought.

    1. You must be high.

  3. Would definitely grab this puppy if it came to Verizon. But I think the “Sirius Viv” is just a code name used by Sony. Dont think it’ll be a name given by Verizon.

  4. I think carrier exclusives are a now death knell for phones; by the time a manufacturer is done changing the phone to meet the carrier specific requirements and matching government regulation, most people have already moved on. The Z2 seems to be a great phone, but by the time people can get it, it may not be as competitive. Especially when crippled by the carrier. Galaxy Nexus anyone?

  5. Will ATT get these ..z2 or moto x1 is my next phone.

  6. I thought we had established that XLTE is NOT LTE-Advanced?

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